Week #105-We Finally Found Them


(One of my favorite pics of Brenan)

Hey Mom, things are going good. We are hoping to get a baptism in the beginning of Sept!!!! We have been working with an investigator. She is a part-member family! Her husband has been struggling but they have made a conscious effort to make it back to church and change! She set her own baptismal date to get baptized Sept 4th! So I will be gone but we will have gone through all the lessons! So it is exciting to see how it has changed there life. There is nothing like it, when you testify of the first vision, and the spirit is there. We have taught her twice. This is the part-member family that we were looking for and we finally found them, and we pray they will continue to keep there commitments and strive to do what is right. They are awesome. I love the members in this ward and branch they are awesome!

I have studied on grace recently and I love it to the core it is one of my favorite doctrines and principles in the gospel. It is so apparent to me how much God Loves us!

I would encourage each of you, to read and study a talk by Brad Wilcox, called, “His Grace is Sufficient” it is amazing and it is filled with the spirit. I love the lord and I am thankful for the opportunity to serve and the love the Lord freely gives each of us,

I love each and everyone of you and hope that you are blessed as you STRIVE TO BE AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT! I know the Savior is their and that he loves us and that if we always to turn to him he can bless us and will and does enable us to change and be happy!



Elder Brenan Corbin


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