Week #103 – Coming Home


Flight Itinerary, coming home!!!

Hey FAMILY! LOVE YOU MOTHER! Thanks for putting that together! That will be super nice! Yes, I am ready to come home, some people say i’m trunky, but i’m really just ready to move onto the next stage of life. Its bitter sweet, but I know there are bigger and better things ahead! the MY PLAN program is great it helps to kinda set goals in the future and help you adjust. My last interview was not very long, he just thanked me for my service, said that I did a great job and then gave me some advice, i enjoyed it. I will have one last interview in the mission home it just won’t be very long.  When I get home I do not know exactly what I want to do , I do want to make the best of it, I would like to go to the BEACH ASAP and go SURF WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND WHOEVER WANTS TO GO! I am super excited to see everyone and come home! It will be a blast! Our investigators are kind of stagnate right now. We are hoping that someone will get baptized in the coming months. We did find a new inv. who is very interested and has come to church. She is a baptist and really wants to see what our church has to offer. Her husband is a less active! He is trying to change as well! It is awesome the work is going forward. It rained a lot this week.

We did some more service this week cutting some bamboo for our neighbors, it was a good work out haha. The south is so weird. It rains when it is sunny outside then doesnt rain when it is cloudy, weirdest weather. I do not get it. In Brookhaven this week we had a branch party and it was fun. Alot of people showed up we even met some new people and a new inv. came. This week there was not anything that is standing out in my mind right now. We also went to IHOP with a member and there non member friends it was good we gave them a BOM. It was a great restoration lesson.

Im keeping it short today but, all I can say is that the Lord loves us infinitely and that we have to forget the past and the mistakes we have made and move forward! we cant have a bright future if we are always living in our History. Guilt is one of the most horrible things, we need to let things go and get things fixed so we can enjoy our life. If we are guilty or have any regrets which we all do, we need to let them go and in doing so we will then have the capacity to enjoy this moment, and then the next with a clean slate. I am so thankful for the mission, my Savior Jesus Christ and my family and friends. May each of us turn to our Savior Jesus Christ and rely on his atonement in all we do!

Love each and every one of you!

Love Elder Brenan Corbin


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