Week #101 – The Lord woke me up tis morn’in

Hey FAMILY!, its sounds good! I hope that the move all works out. It sounds like a nice place, I am excited to see it. The Lord truly is so merciful. As of what I need right now, I dont think I need anything at this moment. Things can wait till I get home. I will bring some of my clothes with me so I have stuff to wear when I get back. It is not a problem at all. Ill bring home the things I need and leave behind the stuff I don’t want. It is crazy to me that I only have 36 days left, or so. The mission has gone by fast and it has been an amazing experience to serve. This past week, we did a lot of biking. Two of the days we biked about 25 miles. It was sooo hot, so we have been hitting the pavement. It has been good. We have a new Elders Quorum President Bro. Webb. He is a stout guy and we are eating dinner with him tonight. This Sunday was Mason Falvey’s farewell! It was awesome, he did great, he leaves for his mission tomorrow. He will be serving in Logan UT. He did a lot for us and we got a lot of work done with him. We had two investigators in church this past week. We hope to continue to work with them, and see where it leads. There is a ton of potential here in this area. We have worked with a lot of part member families. We hope and pray the lord will continue to bless us. This week as we were tracting out in the country, the last house was really nice, they gave us some food and some deer sausage. They also let us feed and pet their horses. It was cool. We also had a little bbq out in front of our house and we fed our neighbors, two of them work for the Brookhaven Daily Leader, which is the news paper. they said that we might be able to get featured on the front, but that they would talk to there boss and see if they could get that figured out. that would be way sweet, and get the church’s information out there more! Today for pday we went fishing AGAIN! it was way fun. We went with one of our buddies. He is preparing to go on his mission, Cody Hinley. We got some little bass and some catfish. The lord has poured out so many blessings and he always remembers his covenants.

“I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.” D&C 82:10

I am so thankful for a loving and merciful God who watches over us and blesses us in times of need, and in times of bounty.

Make this week a good one, be happy, enjoy life and the many freedoms of being in tis countray. What a blessing it is to be alive. As they say in the south, the Lord woke me up tis morn’in/

I love yall! take care!

Love Elder Brenan Corbin


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