Week #97 – “getchu some homies”

Hey Mom, it sounds like there are a lot of wonderful things happening! I am doing great life is going good dont worry! The work is picking up, we are hoping to get more people into our teaching pool. It will be some hard work but it will be worth it, we have the faith! The Lord has been blessing us so much. Jeremy is married!!! DANG! I saw all the pictures you sent thanks those were good to see! This last week was awesome! On Wednesday we had ZTM in Clinton and it was pretty fun. It was good to see other missionaries and to be spiritually uplifted. I got to see Milton, he was an old investigator of mine, he took us to lunch. It twas a good experience. We are still working with our next door neighbors and doing service with them. It has been fun. There are a bunch of wonderful people here in the south and it is our job to bring them the restored gospel. I am so thankful I have the gospel in my life.

WE did alot of service this week. It was hard work. We cut some trees down with a saw and helped our ward mission leader Bro. Applewhite do some farming stuff. It was interesting running around on the farm with cows. I do not like farm animals…. x). We went into Bro Applewhites’ mechanic shop on in his land, and as he was getting everything ready. We stumbled across some old miller lights. We lifted them up and started laughing. HE said it was his sons evidence for a court case. (his son is highway patrolmen) and he had never used it so it just sat there. Elder Mcdougal and I are not so sure. But we are sure it wasn’t him. haha. it was a funny coincidence, so as elders should, we played some miller light baseball, and batted at all the bear cans. It was pretty fun, it was a rednecks paradise, it was raining miller. WE also found a little bird nest on the ground it was weird but it was cool to see it. Later that day we visited some members to get to know some people in redstar, we come across a member who has a Caterpillar farm. Yes, you heard correct.

He has a farm with these special kind of trees that lure in a moth, that lays its eggs on the leaves and then after a little bit some caterpillars hatch and they get into these big green caterpillars. They spit green juice that is supposed to inflict massive damage on the victim. It causes such tremendous swelling that even a crocodile that was blind cant see. Amazing. It spits the green saliva like green eggs and ham, all over the birds face to get the bird to let go of it. So we were messing with them and thankfully none of that green juice got on us, otherwise we would have got out of there like the in-
vestigators in the south. (but thankfully we were thuggin preaching the gospel in dees screets so the lord protected us from the sting juice). Later, as we were biking along in the rain, we came across a guy that we think might be gay, but he comes up to us and was talking about how he is a rapper and how he knows jesus and stuff and how he likes us bcus we know Jesus. He be like “I know jesus man, and I have seen visions and I am gonna rap with such precision, and I am a machine, you can call me mr. guillotine, I’m mean, you hear me coffee bean.” It is pretty hilarous to come into contact with him. Pretty interesting guy. (my impersonation isnt as good but i did my best.)

Then on Wednesday night, we played some ball with the young men. It was fun, the new slang was “getchu sum homes” as we drained three’s on the young men. then yesterday the varners stopped by which was way cool. They had went on a vacation to the coast and on the way back they visited with us. It was great to see them. Farmerville was a great place and I love the people there. I am excited to continue to serve here in Brookhaven it is a great place and we are still striving to find that golden family who we know is out here.

i hope all goes well and make sure that you all say your prayers

Love Elder Brenan Corbin


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