Week #96 – Keep Going

Hey Mom,  exciting news with Amanda and James. Welcome to the South, it will be a really cool experience, you will learn to accept the humidity down here. It’s getting pretty warm, and then it will rain, and then it will get even hotter. haha. Got to love it. That is a long drive for James in the uhaul. haha. this past week we did not really find to many new investigators, we are working and following up a lot with our current investigators. Helping them read and pray and find out for themselves. it really is a amazing work we do. this past week we have been in contact with our next door neighbor who teaches MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in his back yard. We are slowly going to try to teach him. President Olson said it was okay for us to train with him when it was private class during an appropriate time. So it has been way fun. We have been doing kick boxing and I love it. MMA is way tight, the lord knows us better than he knows ourselves. It has been good, i feel like we can do some good missionary work.

Haha, i’m gonna miss another Corbin family reunion in early july!~!!! It comes with the missionary sacrifice, it makes things worth it. This Sunday was stake conference. So we went to Jackson with our Branch President in Brookhaven. There were some old members from one of my areas, Pearl Ms, it was good to see all of them. I don’t know if I have explained our set up here in Brookhaven. Brookhaven is a branch, and there is a ward in Red Star, that is basically run by a huge family. That is what most of the branches are down here in anyways huge families. We only have 1000 miles a month and our area is huge so we have been biking like crazy! I enjoy it because people see us more.

I love how the Lord can teach us in so many ways. The gospel can be applied to anything and you can relate anything to the gospel. All those in life who have been successful have had a barrier or an obstacle they have had to overcome. They have had to go through the road of pain and suffering to become a success. I love what Lehi teaches in 2 Nephi 2, it is probably my new favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon. It has all sorts of good gems in it. Lehi teaches us that there must needs be an opposition in all things in order for us to grow. If things were always easy, how would we know what hard is? Or how would we know it was easy if we have never experienced difficulty?

In all things in life, there are going to be times that are more difficult than others, and a real mans character is not judged by what he does when he is successful, but about what a real man does when his back is against the wall. When things get hard and we shed tears of sorrow, feel pain, or have mental or emotional problems we are dealing with, it is those times that make us who we are! WE cant give up right when everything matters the most! Right when things get difficult, we have to keep going and trust and have faith that all will work out for the best! One of my favorite motivational speakers is, Eric Thomas. He says that we should not “cry to quit, but cry to keep going”, if we are already hurt and in pain, don’t quit get a reward for it. All things in life that are worth fighting for and worth achieving are hard, and that is what creates the prize.

Salvation was never easy, and it is not a cheap experience, and it will be hard. But don’t throw in the towel right when it is time to go all out, and achieve and live your dreams. The lord is there and he will help you in your trials. I have felt and still feel the enabling power of the atonement in my life. As I look back on the mission and my life I know that it is absolutely by the grace of my Father in Heaven that I am here today, and that means that I have a work to preform. We owe it to our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ to be the best that we can be in EVERY aspect of our life! It will be hard and we will suffer and pay the price but we will become like them! Hebrews 5:8

In those experiences in life we are brought closer to our Savior. It is those experiences in life that we feel that we are down and out, that we need to stand up and fight back. Don’t be a volunteer victim like everybody else. I am so thankful for the opportunity we have to learn, to grow, to experience hard times so we can learn to cherish the good. I am thankful when I think of my Savior Jesus Christ and what he went through for me. He loves each and everyone of you, and I do to!

With the Savior in mind, let us move forward in life, forgetting those things in the past that might be holding us back and create a bright future. It is in the getting past the hard days so we can experience the best days of our lives. I testify that we can do anything through the Atonement of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I testify that the Book of Mormon is his revealed gospel in this the latter days, and I testify that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, more joy and happiness awaits us as we live the gospel day by day, through thick and thin, as we strive to be our best selves.

In the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love Elder Brenan Corbin

Ps. I love you Mom and Dad, family and friends, keep dominating life and keep on going!


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