Week #89 – Got to Love the South

(Got to love the South)

Life is so great, I got transferred to Biloxi and I love it, the ward is so legit. The district im in is way fun and we work hard. The members are willing to work with us and teach people. So it is super good. Also Biloxi is big so there is alot of cool stuff around here. this week was awesome we did some tracting some mexican member presents so i was running around not nothing anything other than como astas? beuno amigo hahaahahahaha anyways so fun. My companion is legit, we are having a great time teaching the gospel. I love the gospel it is so true, if we choose to believe and live it we can know for a surety of its truth and that is what i love about it.

We are doing good missionary work here in Biloxi if any investigators get serious i will let you know as of right now we dont have any serious investigators.

Anyways dominate this week, choose to be happy, and do what is hard, when you do what is hard your life will be easy.

Love Elder Brenan Corbin

Ps. Keep it Playful


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