Week #88 – I’m in Biloxi



Okay awesome. So I am in Biloxi now as the district leader we have a huge district and I love the missionaries i am around. I am serving with a spanish missionary!!! We are a zebra companionship.His name is Elder Casterjon, I am getting a taste of that spanish love I thought i would have had, serving in the latin america like wyatt and travis and all those other homies who learned spanish on the mission. I will have a front row seat to sitting in on a lesson and not having any idea what is being said.

Also what would be a good arrival date for me to get back, I know the mission president will allow a few weeks or two a whole transfer sometimes, to go home early for those in our transfer and the ones that follow so close to the beginning of school. Was there an ideal date that you would like me to see if the Mission president would let me return home on to accomadate the lease or anything? Let me know if you want me to just go home with some of the people I came out with or to go a few weeks early for school? Anyways I am excited to continue to serve and I am so pumped that I got transferred to the coast, it is the only place i have not been yet!!!! Also our apt is sooooo nice I love it! GONNA DOMINATE THESE LAST 3 transfers, its probably my last area!

Love yall!

Elder Brenan Corbin


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