Week #87 No Shortage of Trials



Hey Mom, love you so much. I miss and pray for the family every day. I am so thankful for the love and support I feel from all of you. What a blessing it is to be alive, to have health, to have a family that loves one another. To be apart of the greatest gospel on the earth, and Gods true church. I am so thankful for that knowledge of the truth.

This week was a good one. It is my last week in the Farmerville Area. I will miss those who I have come to love.I am getting transferred to the gulfport zone. Everywhere we serve, we leave a piece of our heart. I loved Farmerville and I felt loved here.

I am so thankful for the mission. It is such an awesome experience to learn a little bit about what the Savior did for us and to share that with others. This is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, this is the truth, what a blessing it is to know that we have a prophet today, and the keys of the priesthood are on the earth. I am so thankful for the Gospel of our loving Savior. We can repent, we can change, we can experience joy, we can experience what it is like to be happy, what it is like to know that death is not the end.

In this world that is fallen. There is no shortage of trials, sin, difficulties and suffering. Think of it. Think of those people in the world who experience hardship, who have disabilities. There are sons and daughters of God in the world, who can not walk, who can not move there hands, who cant move, and there only dream is to be able to move the way we can, they wish they could experience what it is like to run, to feel. Think about those who cannot see, who struggle through a dark world and who do not know what colors are, and what they look like, what another person looks like, or who it is that takes care of them. Oh how they dream they could see those angels who help them in the world. What about those who are born in a world with no known parents in a land that is full of poverty, and they don’t have any chance to receive education and grow and make a change. What about those who hunger for days and do not know where there next meal will come from, that know exactly what it is like to starve to death. We are so blessed.

I testify that our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ live, that they are resurrected beings, they live, they love you, they know your name. They have all power to help those in need. The savior knows exactly what those of us in the world are suffering with. while he was here on the earth he healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, and healed the lame so they could walk. I know he loves us, I know that he watches over us. I know the keys of the priesthood have been restored and that those keys are held by each of the living apostles. I hope and pray that we can all come to realize through the Holy Spirit of God how much we are richly blessed. That we will be the servants he wants us to be, that we may lift the wounded knee and uplift the spirit that is down. that we may experience the joy that comes from unselfish service to our God. Feel the magnitude of promises and blessings we have to be apart of the Lords true church. In the name of merciful Savior Jesus Christ, amen.

Love Each and every one of you

Elder Brenan Corbin


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