Week #83 Louisiana Floods


A Text from Louisiana-March 11, 2016; Friday @ 12:52pm-

    Hey Mother! Love you – we are okay, we are safe in Farmerville from the floods. 

Another text-March 17, 2016; Thursday @ 7:12am-

This is Lori Varner from Farmerville Branch. I wanted to let you know how much help Elder Corbin and his companion have been to us the past 3 days. Our home flooded during the 2 feet+ of rain our area got last week. The Lake that is about 1/4 mile from our house rose quickly in the run off and for 4 days 3 feet of lake water stood in our home. Our precious Elders have worked tirelessly the past 2 1/2 days helping us clean out and haul off everything from saturated carpet to wet dry wall and insulation to the horrible mess created when the water turned over our freezer that thawed and spoiled. they have been there for us constantly when others went back to work, and I am eternally grateful for them. Thank you for raising such a Christlike son!

Side note: I have yet to receive my Monday morning email from Brenan. On Monday he sent a brief email-

Hey mom so sorry!!! I’ll email tomorrow, we have to end pday early to day because of an appointment and we didn’t even know the library was open today because of the floods. I’m safe, all if okay and there is no harm, life is great and THE LORD IS AMAZING!!!

LOVE Elder Brenan Corbin

Love my Brenan!!!!


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