Week #82 Life is Great



Transferred Comp last week

Hey Mom! Happy Birthday! I love you so much! I am loving the mission it is going fast! I only have 5 months left what ! crazy. My companion is awesome, I love him, we get along great and we are working hard! I can’t believe that Grant is getting married wow, everyone is growing up! Change is definitely hard sometimes but that is okay. I hope that we will all be able to do what the lord wants! I will keep this email short this week, but life is great, and change is great, if it was not for change we could never grow.

When we receive trials and change it is simply the Lord telling us he is ready for us to grow again. It is not because we are doing anything wrong it is because we are doing something right. that is something amazing to think about!

Mom I love you I hope yall have a great week. As our investigators progress I will let you know who they are and what is going on with them. It will be fun to see everyone when they come down this next week! Love you MOM, have fun stay healthy and love the Lord! GOD SPEED!

Elder Brenan Corbin


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