Week #73- Amazing Miracles

Hey Mom, My New Year was awesome! WE ate tons of BBQ, we played some flag football! It was awesome! I was able to go to the same house I played flag football at last year! It was awesome to see all those old members, and have some fun with them! That is good that is going to rain, Cali needs it! Wow, Mother you have a lot of callings, the lord has entrusted you to do a valiant work in Newport! This week has been crazy. The area that I am serving in right now is awesome! I love it! THE members in the Farmerville branch are so loving and kind, there is a spirit here like that is unique. Everyone meets everyone and welcomes them in. There is a true love here. I want to start out by talking about two of our investigators.

1st. Mrs. Brenda Reeves. She has accepted a baptismal date for Jan 10th 2016. So that is this week! It will be my first baptism!! Wow crazy!~ The lord truly does bless us! We are teaching her tonight with a Recent Convert. We will be teaching the commandments. All she has left is the ordinances. She is excited to be baptized! It will be awesome!

2nd. Mrs. Brandi Majeska, she is a apart of a part member family. She has been coming to church for a long time. But has just struggled with smoking. She decided on her own, and with the help of the spirit, to quit smoking. yesterday, we taught her the stop smoking workshop and she is in her second day! She only has 5 more days to go! It was a very spiritual lesson! We have taught her pretty much everything, she is just gonna kick this habit, and hopefully decide she wants to be baptized by proper authority. I have faith it will happen.

We have been praying and working with these two and we hope and pray that they will both be baptized in January! THat would be awesome! The lord truly does answer prayers and lead us to those who are ready to hear his gospel!

Another cool thing that has happened is we have another investigator named Don Gibson. He is an awesome guy. HE works night shifts at the chicken plant here in farmerville. So he cant ever get time off to come to church. So it is really difficult for him to progress. His job is the only thing holding him back from being baptized, we believe. So we have been praying for a way to get him to church! So we were tracting one day, and we tracted into Mikios Caster, and taught him the restoration, and he accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon! As we were teaching we found out that Mikios was DONS BOSS! WOW CRAZY! Mikios is the manager of the night shifts at the same chicken plant! So we are hoping and praying that Mikios will like us enough, to let Don get some time off work, and that they can both come to church and be baptized together. It is a long shot but, the Lord is a God of miracles, and I will have faith in him, and hope and pray with all my heart that they can be blessed to come to church and know by the power of the holy Ghost that these things are true!

Some amazing miracles are happening! The lord is in his work, for it is not ours. He can do it without us. I have experienced that, I know what it is like to teach without the spirit, it does not work. I know what is like to teach, when my companion does not like me, or when I don’t like my companion, it does not work. I know what is like to teach when you are not as obedient as you should be, it does not work. But what does work, is when you give your heart to God.

When you get on your knees, and pray with all the energy of your heart, that is when the lord will bless you, with a forgiveness of your sins, and fortify you with strength. I have felt it, in all the aspects of my life, whether in the mission field or back home. The closest times I have been to my savior are the times that are the hardest. I know what it is like when you have no place to go, but to your Heavenly Father. I have felt the Lord lead me along, with the power of his atonement. I have felt that angels are involved in this work, on both sides of the veil!

Blessed are all men, for there truly is a Savior, who is Christ Jesus. HE lives! I know IT! I have felt it this week! I have felt him answer my prayers! I have felt his spirit overwhelm my spirit as I have prayed with all the energy of my heart! I know the Book of Mormon is true! I know that we have apostles and prophets today! I know that we have a master teacher, and perfect example, and a master pilot. The great Architect, the Chief Designer! He is the Chief Captain, he loves us!

We can indeed turn to him, and get constant communication for our lives! Only our knowledge, our weaknesses, our desires, our ignorance, is what holds us back from drawing closer to him!

Forgive so that you can be forgiven! Lead by example, and follow your Savior! I know that is the only way to a happy life, here, and in the eternities! The church is true! The church is true!

I have felt the spirit this week, overpower my soul, and invigorate my faculties, even to an awakening of my soul!
I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father, and his loving kindness and long suffering towards the children of men!

Let us help, invite, and teach others about the restored gospel! Have the courage and the zeal to stand firm in the truth! Have integrity, and honor your commitment to serve the lord!



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