Week #69 Every Member


So yes, i got transferred to Farmerville. My companion is Elder Konchar, he is super chill, he has gone through alot and is a super solid missionary. He came out with me, so we are loving it! It has been a fun week. We have



been working hard.

We had three investigators in Sacrament, so we are hoping to help them progress to follow their savior!

Farmerville has alot of potential so we just have to keep at it, and build this branch into a ward. The members here are awesome, and they will help them progress.

We need every member a missionary. If every member brought a new person to the church, the size of the church would double! Wouldnt that be nice! There is no reason why it is not possible. We can do it, through Christ who strengthens us. I know that he can help us do all things. We just have to work for it! I know this church is true. The spirit will help all people understand and realize that this is the restored church it is that simple! It takes prayer and it takes patience, that is how we can know for ourselves. It is worth it!

I cant wait for Christmas it is gonna be sooooo fun, it is coming fast, we got to work hard and do what we can cus time flies and it will continue to go faster so we must seize every SINGLE DAY! YOU CAN SLEEP WHEN YOU ARE DEAD!

Love Yall,

Dominate life.
Keep it Real, and seize the day because you will never get it back.

Love Elder Brenan Corbin


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