Week #68 – We Can Be Happy



Shout out to my homie! Beckstrom, i’m wearing his jacket… haha

Hey MOM, smart move! I did get transfered, to FARMERVILLE!

I am super excited to be serving here! I got to see the pictures you sent! THanks for getting that shirt, I am excited! 

I am serving with a elder who came out with me! His name is ELDER KONCHAR

HE is legit, and I am super excited to be able to serve with him in this area!

For thanksgiving in Meridian Ms, we just went to a house at lunch ate lunch, and that was it. Wasn’t the best. Thankfully the other elders, held there own thanksgiving, and they like to cook so they made a ton of turkey, and all the sides. So they were nice enough to share it with us because they had so much! 

WE didn’t have a turkey bowl! So that kinda sucked, but funny thing is, im serving just north of my old area by like 30 min. so for Christmas and new years, we will probably drive down to the same place last year to play football!!!! SOOO FUN! SO i will get to see all my old friends in that ward! I am glad that I got out of Meridian, it was way out there. 

Ezra man, so many babies, i cant wait to see all the little pups again! But this is no other thing that i could be doing right now that is better than this! Its hard sometimes, but it is also way fun! 

I love the lord, we can happy if we choose to be happy! We just have to live the gospel, and inspire, and uplift those around us! If we do, we will have the spirit, and if we have the spirit, we will be happy! 

Love yall i will email more next week! KEEP IT REAL THIS WEEK!



One thought on “Week #68 – We Can Be Happy

  1. Betty J. Turner

    Dear Elder: Will take this chance to say hello and let you know we miss you! It doesn’t seem possible that you have seen serving so long now! When you talk about your testimony in your letters it takes me back to my conversion and the great experiences I have had in our lives. I searched for so many years to find answers to my many questions. It was an answer to my prayers that brought the Elders to our door. Brenan, you are like a ‘proxy for Bruce and I as we never served a mission. We can take happiness in observing all that you are doing..We count our blessings every day and thank the two Elders that brought the gospel to us!!!. May the seeds that you are ‘planting’ grow and be worthy of all that you are working so hard for. Hugs and kisses to you always. Love, Grandma Turner…



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