Week #67 Patience a Virtue



I LOVE TACO BELL!!! Check this car out, hahaha!

Things are going great, it is the last week of the TRANSFER, got to dominate it! This last week was way fun! I went on an exchange with my Homie, Elder Scott Beckstrom, it was way fun. SHOUT OUT TO MY HOME SLICE BECKSTROM! HE knows how to keep it real! Love that kid!
Other than that, not anything too exciting this week, we have been working hard!

The conference talk I ponderized this week, was “Patience, A Key to Happiness” by Joseph B Wirthlin April 1987. It was way good, I did not expect how much patience effected our Happiness in this life, and our ability to overcome!

I LACK PATIENCE> As I was reading this talk it really inspired me, I need patience more. It is one attribute I have been praying for!

Patience truly is a virtue that we all need to strive for!

He talks about how we need to be patient with ourselves when enduring trials and becoming better. That we need to be patient with our families, and that we too easily latch back at our famliy members because they are close to us, but in fact that it should be the opposite. That we should treat our family members with great patience and respect. That we should even let our wives, get int the car and honk the horn as, we as husbands get the kids ready for church! Or the other way around, you get the point!

Let us be patient in our callings, our responsibilities, with our families and our freinds. Love yall keep it real and love life serve everyone around you with loving kindness and long suffering.

That is true patience!



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