Week #64- Fast and Pray Oft

Missing Brenan At Blake’s Reception!!!


Meridian is alright, not to bad. That is so legit! I can’t wait to kill it these last 9 months we are working so hard. We tracted 21 hours last week, that is three times the standard of excellence. I’m getting Elder Gardner, he is working hard with me, i love it. President Olsen is gonna be like what 21 hours?. Yeh let’s gooo boii, we don’t mess around,. we are gonna tract 21 hours 5 weeks in a row. WE go hard, no games, Lest keep it real. Love it i’m on fire. So i started a new thing. I am ponderizing a conference talk a week. Also I decided that I would fast more often for help from the lord. The lord says to fast and pray oft, and i know that i don’t fast often only on the fast sundays, so i’m gonna try to fast 4 times a month. Once a week. i think it will make my teaching and my life soo much more full of spirit. We don’t have a mail key yet so i won’t be able to get the mail for a couple days soooo annoying but it is okay. Halloween was fun, I got tons of pictures for yall this week so just get ready haha! Church is sooo true, lets take life one day at a time and get absolutely pumped about dominating life! One day at a time, till i drop, lets go, toso mai.

WE got a ton of new investigators this week and we are gonna do what we cant to set them with Baptismal dates! THe conference talk i ponderized this week is

Full conversion brings happiness in 2002 april by Richard G. Scott. I love doing this because there are so many precious trues we can learn.

We NEED TO FOCUS on the FUNDAMENTALS. Don’t worry about what God has to do. Those who keep there covenants will be saved, that is it ! Its that simple. Don’t worry about the hows and whys just do what you need to do. Trust in God. John 7;17 is the only way to go! that is what is gonna allow us to gain faith, when we do what is right. WE will recieve witnesses fromt he spirit. then after we recieve witness, that will spring up in us a desire to repent, and when we repent our capacity to do what is right and be consistently obedient is increased! That is when full conversion comes and we will have everlasting happiness! THe church is absolutley true, let us commit to do what is right, let us change now,

CHrist says, “will ye not now come unto me, and repent of your sins, that I may HEAL YOU?” CHRIST WILL HEALS!!!!

Remember that song, by Jay sean, DO YOU REMEMBER? Remember all the times that the Lord has helped you remember all the times that he has testified to you!!!! Remember them, put them on your heart! and then focus on the those very key points of the doctrine! and be happy!


Choose happiness and eternal life according to the great mediator!

Love all yall, church is absolutely amazing and there is no reason to choose sin, the grass is not greener on that side! the church is soooooo true! Loveyall

Elder B. Corbin


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