Week #63- Remember Who Gave Us Life




New companion Elder Gardner, gardening for service (no pun intended) SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Hey mom I want you to know first off that I tried emailing last weeek but it got down to the last second and I pushed send and the computer logged my off, dumb library so yes, It was dumb that my email last week didn’t send. But i want you to know that I love you more than any Girl on EARTH! YOu are the best mom and I never realized how much a blessing you are in my life, you and dad created such a abundance of Life back home for me, and I will admitt I WAS SOOOO SPOILED SOOOO SPOILED IT is unreal how spoiled I was dang. hahahah but I can change that all i can do is learn from it…. I first off want you to know that I love you and dad BEYOND! WOW that is crazy. I will miss Bishop Packer, but that is really COOOOOOL that Bro Andrizzi is the Bishop hahahaha!!! THAt is sooo cool! That is awesome! He will do great things. THe andrizzi family is awesome they are so loving and nice! I hope Blake and Demi absolutely loved there time in costa rica,, dang!!! HONEY MOOOON DANG BLAKE YEEEEHAWWWWW hahahhah lololololololl hahahah What a blessing it is to know that when I get home we can go to the temple and everyone in our family can be in the celestial room and if not we can work for it, that is what we are all striving for isn’t it! THAT IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT THE SYMBOLISM BEHIND THAT IS ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE! 

My new companion is Elder Gardner he is 18 and from Enterprise Utah, he loves wresteling and is a cool guy and has a girl back home waiting for him.. he is good and I hope that he can continue to be a good missionary! WE have been working hard here in Meridian. funny story, so Meridian is in the Hattiesburg stake, so our stake president is President Holm, he is an awesome guy, and not only that The bishop here in meridian is legit too. I have already had past experiences with him, and I’m glad I get to serve this ward a little bit! Mom TIME IS FLYING BY, sometimes it is suuuuuuper slow but other times it is very fast! Life is great and i’m just trying to develop charity and work reallly hard!

I want to challenge yall back home to do something! I want yall to first read 13 pages in the book of mormon a day, maybe all at once, or throughout the day But i promise you if you do that the Book of mormon will change you life for the better and renew your testimony of God and the Savior and you will be blessed eternally in all things, both temporarily and spiritually! Second,  remember the Children of Israel that were led out of Egypt, Jehovah gave them manna every day but it would rot so they could only get enough for that day. They could never forget who they were and who they depended on, I think we were designed to need food everyday so that we could remember who created us. WE will never forget to eat, therefore if we remember who gave us life while we eat, we will never forget our Lord. So at your next meal contemplate why you are eating and where you got your food from. Then play this little game. Only eat 80% of it. And drink tons of water, it is a great way to practice self control and takes a whole new meaning to treating our bodies like a temple. Mom I invited dad to walk for 30 minutes a day, you should do that same  with him!! It will keep you young and healthy and you will have a long happy life.

I care for yall and I pray for yall tons. I love you, Remember grab hold of the rod of iron (the word of god) and remember. (when you grab something with a firm grip your knuckles go white.) Knuckles white, do what is right. 

Love all of you I will send even more pics this week!

Love you mom, Love Elder B. Corbin



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