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Letter to Dad



Hey Dad it is good to hear from you! the mission is reallly hard sometimes! Sometimes I wonder Why I am even out here is there a purpose! ABSOLUTELY the only way to go is the church and the gospel of jesus Christ, We must understand our identity, and our purpose when we do that the sky is the limit! I am so thankful for the mission it is teaching me to work hard and to develop greater faith in God. Trusting in his plan and following his commandments is the only way to be happy, i know that, i have felt it, I am not perfect, I make mistakes all the time. but I know that when we have the spirit to be with us, and we LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT we are able to become like Christ and that is where true Joy comes into play! I love you Dad, i hope that the business and the family is doing good back home. Most importantly don’t forget to give a little time to the lord. I know that even when we pass to the other side of the veil that we will be able to have the confidence and all our sufferings will be swallowed up in Christ! I love you so much dad, I can’t wait to create many more funny and loving memories with you when i get home! Remember when we stole that Jeep commanche and made some money on it! so fantastic, then we went to little Mexico and got some good deals with our amigos and bought some speakers! The blessings of the Atonement are real, no matter what happens just know that I pray for the family a lot, and I pray that I may learn and continue to grow under the guidance of the Lord. When I get home we need to get everyone together and go through the temple because all of us in the celestial room is what we are reaching for isn’t it!? That is where joy and love can be unceasing from heaven. Love you dad and god bless you until next week, Dad I want you to live long and healthy, so try this week, to spend 30 minutes walking. Just spend 30 minutes walking and try to replace 1 meal a day with a good healthy meal with fruits or vegatables. One good game i do to keep my weight under control and even lose weight is, eat until you are 80 percent full, then drink lots of water. I promise that you can get into better health and be able to live a long and happy life after I get home.

Love you soooooooo much DAD!

Love Elder Brenan Corbin


Week #63- Remember Who Gave Us Life




New companion Elder Gardner, gardening for service (no pun intended) SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Hey mom I want you to know first off that I tried emailing last weeek but it got down to the last second and I pushed send and the computer logged my off, dumb library so yes, It was dumb that my email last week didn’t send. But i want you to know that I love you more than any Girl on EARTH! YOu are the best mom and I never realized how much a blessing you are in my life, you and dad created such a abundance of Life back home for me, and I will admitt I WAS SOOOO SPOILED SOOOO SPOILED IT is unreal how spoiled I was dang. hahahah but I can change that all i can do is learn from it…. I first off want you to know that I love you and dad BEYOND! WOW that is crazy. I will miss Bishop Packer, but that is really COOOOOOL that Bro Andrizzi is the Bishop hahahaha!!! THAt is sooo cool! That is awesome! He will do great things. THe andrizzi family is awesome they are so loving and nice! I hope Blake and Demi absolutely loved there time in costa rica,, dang!!! HONEY MOOOON DANG BLAKE YEEEEHAWWWWW hahahhah lololololololl hahahah What a blessing it is to know that when I get home we can go to the temple and everyone in our family can be in the celestial room and if not we can work for it, that is what we are all striving for isn’t it! THAT IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT THE SYMBOLISM BEHIND THAT IS ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE! 

My new companion is Elder Gardner he is 18 and from Enterprise Utah, he loves wresteling and is a cool guy and has a girl back home waiting for him.. he is good and I hope that he can continue to be a good missionary! WE have been working hard here in Meridian. funny story, so Meridian is in the Hattiesburg stake, so our stake president is President Holm, he is an awesome guy, and not only that The bishop here in meridian is legit too. I have already had past experiences with him, and I’m glad I get to serve this ward a little bit! Mom TIME IS FLYING BY, sometimes it is suuuuuuper slow but other times it is very fast! Life is great and i’m just trying to develop charity and work reallly hard!

I want to challenge yall back home to do something! I want yall to first read 13 pages in the book of mormon a day, maybe all at once, or throughout the day But i promise you if you do that the Book of mormon will change you life for the better and renew your testimony of God and the Savior and you will be blessed eternally in all things, both temporarily and spiritually! Second,  remember the Children of Israel that were led out of Egypt, Jehovah gave them manna every day but it would rot so they could only get enough for that day. They could never forget who they were and who they depended on, I think we were designed to need food everyday so that we could remember who created us. WE will never forget to eat, therefore if we remember who gave us life while we eat, we will never forget our Lord. So at your next meal contemplate why you are eating and where you got your food from. Then play this little game. Only eat 80% of it. And drink tons of water, it is a great way to practice self control and takes a whole new meaning to treating our bodies like a temple. Mom I invited dad to walk for 30 minutes a day, you should do that same  with him!! It will keep you young and healthy and you will have a long happy life.

I care for yall and I pray for yall tons. I love you, Remember grab hold of the rod of iron (the word of god) and remember. (when you grab something with a firm grip your knuckles go white.) Knuckles white, do what is right. 

Love all of you I will send even more pics this week!

Love you mom, Love Elder B. Corbin


Week #61- Be Willing to Listen

photo 3
Hey mom sounds like there was a great week! So happy for Demi, she has her endowment now! THE church is sooo true! Blake is getting married this week! WOOOOO CHURCH IS SOOO TRUE! so excited for them, that is going to be awesome i wish i could be there! I love Blake and Demi so much, that is fantastic.

Anyways this week was good, my theme for this week is 1 NEPHI 15: 11. I love that scripture so much. Nephi is asking his older brothers whether or not they have inquired of the Lord to now if what Lehi saw in his vision is true! They both said no, and Nephi throws down on them and says that the reason they murmur is because they are swift to do iniquity and slow to remember there God, and if they dont choose to develop a habit of turning to the lord for answers, they will never grow.

Nephi teaches that we have to have a soft heart, and be willing to listen, that we must ask in faith, and be diligent in keeping the commandments of the lord, and if we do that with all the energy of our heart we can know the will of the lord. What a blessing that we can always turn to the lord and be able to find out what his will is. Once we do that then we just need to accept the responsibility to be an agent that acts and not be acted upon. Have the courage to follow the will of the Lord. Nephi through out his ministry was a strong and courageous servant of the Lord. He had so much faith and zeal in keep the commandments. HE knew what it meant when the Lord said, “if ye shall keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land, and if ye keep not my commandments ye shall not prosper”.

If the lord, commanded you to build a hovercraft, what would you say?

I would probably say one of the following:

What, why would i need to do that?
How, I am not smart enough?
How could we possibly build a hovercraft?

I probably would be skeptical in my answer.

The Lord commanded Nephi with a similar task. Nephi build a ship after the order in which i will show unto you ‘not after the manner of men’. Nephi responds with great faith.

HE asked with Faith, WHERE WILL I GO TO GET TOOLS?!?!?!?! He did not murmur, but put his TRUST in the lord.

“REMEMBER”::::: If there is a will there is way. BUT WITH THE LORD, IF THERE IS A WILL< THERE IS A PREPARED WAY!

What a great example Nephi is to all of us, he demonstrates the will we need to have to follow the Savior Jesus Christ.

Let us put our trust in the lord and be like nephi and take his challenge in 1 NEPHI 15:11. It will bless your life and bring you closer to the lord, it reminds me of a talk in general conference here it is

one of the best parts goes like this.

“Recently I was surprised and saddened to hear of an Aaronic Priesthood bearer who seemed to take pride in the fact that he had distanced himself from God. He said, “If God reveals Himself to me, then I will believe. Until then, I will find the truth relying on my own understanding and intellect to light the way before me.”

I don’t know this young man’s heart, but I couldn’t help but feel terribly sorry for him. How easily he rejected the gifts the Lord was offering him. This young man had unplugged the spotlight and then seemed self-satisfied in his clever observation that there was no light.

Unfortunately, this seems to be quite a popular attitude today. If we can put the burden of proof on God, we think we can excuse ourselves from taking God’s commandments seriously and from taking responsibility for our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Brethren, let me be clear: there is nothing noble or impressive about being cynical. Skepticism is easy—anyone can do it. It is the faithful life that requires moral strength, dedication, and courage. Those who hold fast to faith are far more impressive than those who give in to doubt when mysterious questions or concerns arise.

But it should not surprise us that faith is not valued by society. The world has a long history of rejecting that which it does not understand. And it has particular trouble understanding things it cannot see. But just because we cannot see something with our physical eyes does not mean it doesn’t exist. Indeed, “there are more things in heaven and earth … than are dreamt of” in our textbooks, scientific journals, and worldly philosophies.8 The universe is filled with wonders profound and astonishing—things that can be comprehended only through spiritual eyes.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is God’s Church and it is led by a prophet today!! Brethren, there are two churches on the earth, God’s Church and the Evil One’s church. If ye are not with us then you simply scattereth abroad false doctrines, and lies of the adversary, and lead people slowly down the subtle road to hell, no stop signs, no traffic lights, slowly and easily decieved into that awful pit of hell. ARISE, wake up my SOUL and NO LONGER DROOP IN SIN, seek after God and ye shall find him! You can know that priesthood authority is on the earth again, and it is found here. I pray that you will come to know the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of the Lord, I know that they are true. Have Faith brothers and sisters and remember the Lord your God, put trust in him, be swift to remember him, and slow to do iniquity and ask,

” Lord, whither shall I go that I may find ore to molten, that I may make tools to construct the ship after the manner which thou hast shown unto me? ”

That is my humble prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love Elder Brenan Corbin.

Week #60- Put Our Trust In Him


Salt Lake City Temple Square- 185th General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

It’s raining in California that is great, we needed it bad didn’t we? I’m glad to here that! Glad Demi is receiving her endowment, soon it will be awesome and exciting! General Conference was awesome! Shreveport is awesome, it is big, it’s kinda like Irvine but definitely not as nice. I felt spiritually uplifted and I am excited to serve my last 10 months focused and consecrated! I hope the Lord will bless us! The talk that I wanted to focus on was in the Sunday afternoon session by Elder Von G. Keetch. I really enjoyed his talk. Maybe I liked it cus i luv surfing,,,, hahaha

He talks about some surfers who were upset about a barrier that was just outside the bay where all the big and fun waves were breaking. But a wise a local surfer in africa pulled out some binoculars and showed them the big sharks that were just outside the barrier. Those sharks were feeding upon the reef, he connected the symbolism to keeping the commandments, The Lord is keeping us safe from the big great white sharks. In this conference we heard alot about keeping the commandments. Thomas S. monson gave us a simple message, keep the commandments. It is what is going to bring true happiness! As we walk the paths of life, and realize the guidlines that are set by the lord, we will have peace, and we will be able to serve those around us. We keep the commandments by having faith and choosing to believe. How do we do that, we choose to TRUST THE LORD! Once you decide to trust the lord, you will be alright. When things get so difficult that you are ready to throw in the towl, and give up. Remember in whom you have trusted! the KEY IS TO REMEMBER!

REMEMBER IN WHOM YOU HAVE TRUSTED, that is how you will keep the commandments, when you trust God, that means you trust that what God is commanding you to do is for YOUR benefit! If there is a will there is a way. But with the Lord, if there is a will, there is a PREPARED WAY! Elder Keetch, teached us that God wants us to become, becoming is what life is all about, it can not be said enough. God will make us more than we could ever become on our own. “Those who keep the commandments of God are blessed in all things both temporal and spiritual” -king benjamin.

Elder Keetch teaches that we should not grudgingly keep the commandments, but that they are intended for our joy and exaltation in the next life, and more importantly light the way and path in which we should become like the FATHER.

Side Note: What was Adams sin? Was it partaking the fruit, or was it NOT ASKING GOD WHAT HE SHOULD DO? Adams bigger mistake when we partook of the fruit was that he did not ask the Lord in faith what he should do after eve partook. If you look at Adams life after he was kicked out of the garden, not once did he forget to ask the lord in faith. He learned his lesson. “Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you” is the most referenced and most said scripture in all of the scriptures. WHY? Because if we can do that and follow the counsel given we will be happy and we will be able to know what the lord would have us do!

I know that as we ask God what we should do, and put our trust in him, it will be difficult, I know it will be, but I also know that it will be the most rewarding thing you will ever do in your life. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of God, I know that the Book of Mormon was written by ancient prophets here in the ancient Americas, and that it contains the fullness of the everlasting gospel! I know that the Savior is our redeemer, and our mentor, and our advocate with the father. I know that we can build a relationship with him and make promises with him, and when we faithfully endure it well, we shall be exalted with our loved ones in the last day. In the name of Jesus Christ AMEN!

Love Yall Elder Brenan Corbin

Week #59- Cheer Up the Sad

IM doing great life is awesome, my companion is great. Congrats to Aron. General Conference is going to be awesome! Congrats to Demi that will be awesome! I’m going to keep it short but life is good and i love the lord! the mission is fantastic. the bugs are kinda still going strong ahaha

Cheer up the sad, make someone feel glad, and you will have done good in the world today!

Love Elder B. Corbin

Love you!