Week #57- Transferred to Shreveport Lousiana

11987079_10204798802356625_5037707679536665182_n 2

Brenan with his new companion Elder Powell at the Shreveport Stake Center.

Hey mom so Yes I am in Shreveport with Elder Powell! I got Aubree’s ties she bought, I got the package you sent me, I have not gotten Amber’s package yet.  IDC about leadership its so much more fun being a normal missionary, don’t have to worry about numbers or nothing. I love the change, Shreveport is the biggest city in the mission! I saw ezra he is so cute !hahaha Zoe is awesome so glad to hear that! That’s good grandma is doing better! Marcus is back dang that is fast! Mission goes by sooo sloww…. jk its going fast. Im at 13 months wow. Things are going good here. Everything is okay and we are working hard. Pearl is all the way in jackson ms, so i drove with some elders like 4 hours accross the mission, our mission is pretty doggon big. WE have an investigator named Elizabeth she is awesome, we are teaching her parts of the commandments, she will be getting baptized soon she just has to find a place to live with her family (she is in her 40s and she is living with a male who is in his 20s, he owns the house, she is just staying there for now, there is no intimate relationship there, but according to the guidelines she has to move out). So that is what we are waiting for, she is awesome she knows the church is true! We have a great member in our area, we have the hard area, its mostly ghetto, but we live in the nice part. THe member is Bro Chandler he is awesome he  is a redneck but he is sooo nice and funny. He understands the gospel very well. One of our crazy potential investigators is Popeye. yes Popeye is her nickname, the cops called her that bcus her eyes pop really far out of her head. she has been diagnosed to be insane basically. We were doing service for her and she saw a dead worm on the ground and like ran away screaming and i was laughing soooo hard haha. SHe took us to the candy lady down the street. We go into her house and there is a little shop inside this house in the middle of the ghetto and she buys a “cupsicle”

….. its a Styrofoam cup with frozen Kool aid!!!!! so funny… it was pretty good. they were 75c.

That is the south for ya. She always tells us not to tract down the otherside of the street cus it is super sketchy, but the lord is on our side, and we have faith in every footstep so we dont play around nickaaaaa . That is the motto.

FAITH IN EVERY FOOTSTEP to follow Christ! With faith we can move mountains if need be. Jesus Christ delights in his people when they have great faith. If we had faith like the brother of Jacob we could pierce the veil! Let us work foward in faith apply the atonement of Christ everyday, praying and feasting upon the words of Christ daily ! I know that by so doing we can draw closer to Jesus Christ and learn what he wants us to do. The holy ghost is just like the Liahona was for lehi and his family. We can if worthy, and by being faithful and having diligence we can follow the holy ghost and be a better servant, I know that to be true,

GOd bless america,

 In the name of Jesus Christ.

Love Elder B. Corbin


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