Week #52- One year and counting… The Lord is Merciful


Go Pro pic Brenan took over a year ago!



Elder Corbin with Elder Kittrell

SOOOO awesome, Yeah Elder Kittrell is doing a lot better I think, he was thinking about going home, but there was no way I was gonna let him, so i fasted and he got an answer to his prayers and we are all good now. We all struggle a little bit when we first come out so its all good! But All i know is i’m in love with the ocean. I miss surfing! Crazy how I have not swam for 1 year…… Only one year left! Anyways.. Aubree’s wedding and everything was probably soooo fun! Wish I could have been there. but the Lord is so awesome and merciful ! WE are just moving and working hard. We tracted a ton this week, and we are hoping to continue to find, and teach. Crazy that i have been out for a year….. and Wyatt and TRavis are going home soon! It is so cool how life is moving along, and great and marvelous things are happening! In Elders Quorum the Elders Quorum president Nick Jones, he is cool, he does jiu jistu and is jacked, and he bet all the elders a steak dinner if they could memorize the thirteen articles of faith. SO I raised my hand and I said, “I think I might have a few” hahah then my comp and i said them, and we got a steak dinner at his house, it is pretty sick. Im excited. It will be good ! Everything is just going great right now for us, we don’t have to many investigators but we are just working and doing what we can! WE celebrated his birthday it was fun, he got so many packages ! THe gospel is sooo awesome, it is all about change, forgiveness, and happiness, there is no reason to be sad, im gonna make it short but, the gospel is so awesome and it is found in one of my favorite songs ever. Kolohe Kai Paradise…. here is the lyric

“And why, why don’t they lie?
And why don’t they cry?
I now know why, they can see paradise
And why don’t they lie?
And why don’t they cry?
I now know why, they can see paradise
They can see paradise ”

WE can see paradise with our families, the atonement of Jesus Christ will make all things that are unfair and wrong with this world and in the next life make all things merciful and just and restitute all things.

Church iss sooooooo true!

Love Elder B. Corbin


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