Week #49- They Knew Who They Were



Hey mom sorry, I am emailing late, we moved apartments and this week has been crazy I am training a new missionary his name is Elder Kittrell, he is awesome! He is from Saint George, and he was on the diving team. He is super chill and we are going to dominate pearl, pearl is now full bike yeeehawwww. Good news, I talked to my last companion Elder Lesuma, he is doing great with his trainee, and the old people that I had taught with him have a baptismal date for next sunday, both of them are progressing and they are going to be getting baptized, we will see what happens! It will be awesome! Im so excited if they get baptized, before I left we were able to teach them the restoration, the plan, and the gospel, with the commandments, all four of those lessons, with a little bit of blessings and such thrown in between! So i really hope, that I had helped them in anyway to work towards baptism, I hope they feel the love of the gospel! Recently in DDMs, I have been teaching alot on the prayer of faith, and how through, truly desiring the salvation of souls, and truly wanting to labor with all your heart might and strength. By applying what we learn from alma in Alma 31:30-38, by doing what alma did, by loving the people of the south, by praying for my fellow servants, yea Elder Kittrell, and Elder Clyde, Elder Beckstrom, and yea even the two sisters, Sister Poulson and Sister Harrison. O Lord wilt thow grant unto us success that we may again bring these our brethren again unto the in christ! in vs 35 yeh give unto us POWER and WISDOM. When we pray like this and from the bottom of our hearts we are trying to do everything we can, that is when the lord has put people into our path, that is when he can say, your offering is acceptable unto me…….. remember that is what a broken heart and a contrite spirit is! That is how we get to those people of the south.  There are so many spiritual and mental people that have no idea what the bible really is and what it is saying, they live off the government don’t work, all they do is smoke and want another drink, and they do many things that are contrary to the will of the lord. But over the last couple of months i have really learned to start loving the people here. and that is when I can truly feel the spirit more, I have loved people on my mission before, but not generally for the whole south. But myself, unlike alma, I was not able to do what alma does in vs 36-38, he gives no thought for what he will eat, or what he drink, or where he will sleep, or how long he will live, he trusts in the lord and then, goes to work. I really like when it talks about how all there sufferings were swallowed up in the joy of christ. They learned to love Christ and the gospel so intimately that no matter what happened to them in life, no matter what infirmities overcame them, they were HAPPY! THEY KNEW WHO THEY WERE, THEY KNEW WHY THEY WERE HERE, THEY KNEW THERE WAS WORK TO BE DONE, THEY KNEW WHERE THEY WERE GOING, AND THEY KNEW THAT THEY WOULD STAND ACCOUNTABLE BEFORE GOD IF THEY DID NOT SHARE IT, but THEY LOVED TO SERVE THE LORD! What a marvelous example are the the courageous missionaries in the Book of Mormon. I hope that I can have the same zeal, and confidence before God for the rest of my life.
But it is like all things, we have to strive for it! I know the lord will give us the power, through his spirit, conditional upon us praying, studying, and developing a heart of solid light, full of faith, hope and charity. That is what QUALIFIES US FOR THE WORK! I think the lord tells us that in D&C 4 because, we can come on a mission and do work, tract, ai, reactive, and teach investigators, but it doesn’t mean you are going to get a baptism or do any REAL WORK. I believe what he means by the three attributes QUALIFYING someone is because without one of the three you wont be able to get any REAL work done! YOU will do some work, but you wont be as good and effective if you had the three. Its that simple! You wont be the tool in the lords hand that you want to be, “yeah even though i have the tongues of angels, and the gift of prophecy and revelation, and have not charity, it is as sounding brass” (i’m paraphrasing) 1 Cor. 13:1-2.
THIs is why we are on the earth it is for the perfecting of the saints! I read the vision of the south, i believe it to be true, I have faith that if we as a people of the church can consecrate ourselves, that not just the people in the south but the people all over the world, will flock to the restored gospel, but we must ALL DEVELOP these attributes, I am thankful to serve I love the lord, it is so awesome, love the people around you, love them that hate you, and serve them that despise, you and HOW GREAT SHALL BE YOUR JOY. GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST, I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

Love yall Elder Brenan Corbin

Ps. I had some members, two families, on tuesday night when i got my greene, we went to the Statums house for dinner, Bro Statum pretended to be gay with Brother Porter pretending to be co-workers to Sister Statum so my greene had no idea that they were members, and Bro Statum was questioning Elder Kittrell and asking him really hard questions about gays and acting really femmy, and was like calling him out saying “just say it mormons dont like gays”, meanwhile everyone is trying to not laugh, and people were just asking really awkward questions and just making it really uncomfortable for him. I was playing as if i was trying to teach them the gospel and asking who they were how they met and so forth, and at the middle of the dinner, Brother Statum comes behind Elder Kittrell and puts his hand around his shoulder with his head real close, squeezes his chest and says “You know I really like you…………… “(squeezes) then says “Where is your white handbook Elder” then Elder Kittrell got the clue that he was a member and turned and said, “You guys aren’t gay are you?” then everyone just started laughing hysterically! Then Brother Statum said, ” No we are not, Im brother Statum” Then Elder Kittrell jokingly said “im going to go home and cry” we almost started crying my abs started hurting i was laughing so hard. It was an awesome prank, after I told him, I said, you will never have to worry for the rest of your mission about awkward dinner appointments because I bet they will never get even close to that. We both just started laughing!


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