Week #47 – Turn to the Lord



Love you mom thanks so much! Everything is good, I have learned to learn to turn to the lord through the mission! No matter what we face, the Lord is there to help us and lead us. I know that to be true! Its simply beautiful to live the gospel! Life is just so great, and no greater joy and happiness comes from it! Im so thankful for the gospel in my life and the opportunity to serve a mission! THe church is absolutely the best thing. I know that by being a disciple of Christ there is no path more rewarding of the joys of life and eternity! I hope your back feels better Mom, i will pray for you ! IM not sure what is going to happen next transfer! But im excited to see! Sooo crazy so many things are going on! Aubree and Chase will be Married on my 1 year mark in he mission field, august 8th what the! I go home aug 8th 2016, soooo crazy! Just got to live it up, for “this too shall pass” right aubree! hahaha I love yall so much! The lord has blessed our family immensely! Its incredible! We just have to get on FIRE!!!!!! hahah on FIRE!!!!!!!!! hahaha THis week, we taught our neighbor the stop smoking program and we hope that she will quit but we are not sure what will happen. For some reason she does not want to follow all the steps of the program but is giving up cigarettes for now. Its weird. One thing i have learned is that you cannot force people to change, you can only influence them, there is no way to make someone change, agency, is given to all beings. RIght now we have the miller family as investigators, but they haven’t come to church, we have taught them the resto, salvation, gospel, and have visited with them, and we are trying to set them with a baptismal date, but they have had different excuses for why they haven’t come to church. Its frustrating, I just want people to be able to take full advantage of the atonement of Jesus Christ but they cant, unless they follow the ordinances of the gospel, some people to just understand, and for some reason they have different reasons that are unknown that they just don’t partake. its very difficult, to watch someone who you are teaching eventually reject the gospel. I know how much joy and happiness can await them, but they have not felt the spirit like that yet in there life so they don’t comprehend what they are missing. We just have to keep our heads held high and DOMINATE! thats all it comes down to, I came on a mission not quite sure what my purpose was, I knew I was to help people. But how, through helping receive the restored gospel through the faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, and receiving the holy ghost. That is it, we are to preach the gospel of the kingdom, and to baptize. We need the ward members help on finding those who have been prepared ! Let me be clear, and I didn’t understand this until i came on a mission, but we do not help the missionaries, the missionaries help us. It is the ward members who have the primary responsibility in the area to find and refer people who are ready to be taught. NOW this is not an excuse for disobedient missionaries to do nothing, but what it is, is that we must work together on bringing those valiant and elect souls into the gospel! Let us commit, as we always do when we partake of the sacrement, that we will take upon us the “name” of the lord. REplace “name” with “work” to take upon us the work of the Lord, for the edifying of the saints, the perfecting of Gods children. I love Heavenly Father, embrace him, listen to him, listen for him, and obey him. That is how we enjoy true happiness. I love all yall, and i pray that yall can feel my love for you! I care for you, do what it right and let the consequences follow!

Love Elder B. Corbin



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