Week #46 – Dares to Preach

Fireworks behind statue of liberty

Fireworks behind statue of liberty

So yesterday i got to meet President Olsen and Sister Olsen, they are awesome, they are a lot like you mom and dad. THey are fantastic, this next year with them is going to fantastic! I am learning to be humble, it is the christ like attribute i am working on right now. It is so hard, the savior is absolutely incredible, i dont even come close to the comprehending what he did for us. I was thinking the other day of the most important things this world has ever heard, what information is so important that everyone needs to know? Other than “It is finished” said by the savior. I believe the most important sentence ever said was and is, “Joseph, this is my beloved son hear him!” said by Heavenly Father. When we truly understand the significance of this statement and the absolute miracles wrought today because of this experience and sentence it is incomprehensible. With the first vision we understand that God called joseph smith to be a prophet, we understand that if that happened, then everything after happened and is true. That means that Christ is real, it for our day.
It shows that God is the same today yesterday and forever. If this didn’t happen then there would have been no restoration, therefore if there was no restoration, then God would have not church today, and all the prophecies would be not fulfilled therefore God would cease to be God. No other Church dares to preach such doctrine and only the Book of Mormon contains such doctrine, that God can fall, he wont, because he knows how to avoid it, but he wants us to know how fine of an edge he walks. Because God its God and he wont fall, the restoration did happen and Joseph Smith was the one who was prepared from eons of time to restore the church to the earth, by asking a question. Questions are the beginnings of answers, how can we have an answer if there is not question, you cant. This week I had a great experience with an answer to my prayer, my testimony of the gospel was strengthened, and I was able to draw closer to the Lord. THe savior taught everyone through his example, how to act, how to think, how to be a disciple of our Heavenly Father. Our challenge in this life is to change ourselves to be like him. I know this work is true, I know that the Lord has prepared people all around us to teach and to be an example to, whether or not they are baptized at the last day, they cannot say, “why didnt you tell me, i didnt see anything different about you” we can say, ” Lord we labored diligently and that there sins may not come upon us.” Jacob 1:19.

I love yall Im glad yall had a happy fourth of july, i bet it was absolutely paradise! thanks everyone love you!

Love Elder B. Corbin


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