Week #41- Heart, Might, Mind, and Strength


Working hard in all aspects!

Everything is going great not a lot happened this week it just went by pretty fast. We have been fishing for bass on p-days and it’s pretty fun. A member gave me a collapsible pole so its pretty nice of him. The lord blessed me, the work is moving along not much happened this week, we got some potentials but i’m not sure if they will progress, i hope so we will pray for them. Sounds like everything is going well back home. Life is good on the mission, there is nothing better than it, serving the lord will all your heart, might, mind, and strength. I’m not sure whats going to happen at the end of the transfer with me, i might get transfer or not, I recently learned that two of my companions have gone home early. My trainer, and my last companion Elder Burningham. Idk what happened, maybe depression, maybe can’t take the heat and the stress haha. Who knows, it’s sad but i tried to help them. The lord puts people in our path that we can learn from, whether they make good choices or bad ones, you have something you can learn from each person. We have been committing people at dinner appointments to pass a mormon.org card to someone they feel impressed to give it to. I would tell them, “So always have this card on you so when you feel impressed to give it to someone you know or while you are thinking about giving it to the cashier at Walmart, or maybe its the person standing next to you while you are wondering what kind of ice cream you are gonna buy for the elders” lol. People always worry about what they are going to say, funny thing is every convert to the church cant tell you what the first thing the missionaries said to them. “can you tell me the first thing the missionaries said at your door, or in your home?” No you cant. thats because thats not what matters what matters is the holy ghost and thats where the conversion begins. So next time you do missionary work with someone, don’t worry about what your going to say, or how, for the Lord said it will be given you in that moment. Just tell them what you know from your heart, they will listen. The good news of the Gospel is that we have prophets to lead us today, the good news is that we have the priesthood which protects us and our families, it is the authority given to worthy men to preform work for the lord, it is the fuel that keeps the engine going, it is the snow under the snowboarders feet. It is what makes things work in the gospel. Without the Priesthood its like a fish out of water, a surfer with no wave, or an elephant with no trunk haha. It just doesn’t work. The great news is that the Savior lives and that he loves us, he is our advocate with the father, he is the only name under heaven in which mankind can be saved. the church is true, there is not one more important thing you will ever do. What kind of life you live, the decisions you make will matter, there are consequences and the lord holds all accountable for there actions. Eternity is a long time, there is a life after death, don’t tell me you will worry about it when you get there, don’t tell me that god doesn’t exist, don’t tell me that you are saved, you ain’t saved until your in the kingdom of god, don’t tell me that it doesn’t matter because we are here to have fun and we can change in the next life, don’t tell me grace oh grace yeah grace thats how i am saved. Are you kidding me, how stupid is that, i would not have you ignorant, if it was only by grace that we are saved and no works, Hitler, osama, and every wicked person would make it to gods kingdom, chiefy, mercy cannot rob justice, otherwise god would cease to be God. You have to do something. You have to change, Christ didn’t die for you so you could throw it all away by doing nothing. There is a life after death, we didn’t just come out of nothing, and now we are here, we didn’t start from the bottom and now we are here, how stupid is that, it takes more faith to believe a mans logic about science and how we blew up from an atom that did exist and didn’t at the same time. Are you kidding me right now, how dumb is that? You really think that you can do what ever you want and God will save you by his grace? Really, a God who said that even if you think about breaking a commandment you have already broken it in your heart? Does that sound like easy doctrine? God is a perfect being who demands the best from us, but he knows we wont be perfect thats why he sent his son. Thats why he demands us to continue to try, by repenting, thats why we have the gospel, but you cant just keep on in your sins, it doesn’t work that way, you cant get to the celestial that way. Its not gonna happen, you have to plead with your Heavenly Father for change. You have to ask him to help you believe, you have to ask him to manifest his spirit to you, and when you ask it is not just a one and done. It is a constant quest that takes a long time. But it will come, at the last moment when you are about to give up, if you want to experience true joy in your life follow the counsel given in the scriptures, search them and if you do , it will lead you right to the truth, that is that This is the kingdom of God on the earth, The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Gods church, it is lead by him. Come and be apart of his fold. and if not your weren’t apart of the elect of God anyways.

Christ paved the way for every person to ever life, every person could be saved in Gods kingdom, but, not everyone will act, many will be deceived, that is why Christ says “my sheep will hear my voice” “his people” are the ones that will follow him, its not that only his people “the jews” will be saved, its that all those who change and follow him BECOME “his people”

Brethren church is true, no question.

Love Elder B. Corbin


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