Week #40 – Having too much Fun Fishing


Still the Jokester!!!

Sorry i have not emailed in like two weeks, last week i was having to much fun fishing so i was too lazy to email haha, sorry you will have to forgive me. haha. Life is fantastic, i did not get transfered yet i am still in hattiesburg Ms. life is great hear, so last week we got dropped like a mile stone in the depths of the sea with out best investigator. i think she was greedy and wanted bishop store house and the bishop was not gonna help her unless she progresses. Which im glad that he held firm because i think she had some wrong motives. We often think that getting baptisms determine success not true. Its our first covenant. We want be to be ready to make that covenant. there is no point in making it if you are not ready, let alone you are doing it for money. Missionary work is tough, but it is rewarding, the lord has rewarded us in many ways, no doubt, i have seen it in my life and in yours. Aubree is getting married, tucker is dominating life, dad is getting the device going, Blake might be getting married soon, the house is fantastic. James and mandy are having another kid. Our life’s are being blessed in many unseen ways. I know my life will be forever blessed for this service. and it will effect the rest of my life tremendously. Jordan is home from his mission, did he even leave, i mean that was soooo fast haha! Brett my man, he is home tooo that is soooo awesome of them, fantastic. Life is awesome. nothing new, My companion is feeling a lot better we have been working for like the last month. It has been good. i developed a new love for the work while i was out for the count! It was good to talk to yall on mothers day! eyyy hahah so fast, time is flying i will be hitting my year mark soon wHAT? sooo awesome the mission is fantastic.! i got ambers package with the jacket in it. and i got the clark little calendar! We have been doing our best to serve the lord and be examples to the peeps here. Love you all and Keep dominating, My thing this week was, there is no reason why you cant be your best self all the time, if there is anything that you need to change in life, whether it be physical or spiritual do it, don’t sell your life short, you are a child of god dont volunteer your life that way, don’t sentence yourself to a lifetime of being unhappy, a lifetime of being broke, a lifetime of being in a relationship that is no longer fulfilling to you, you matter, so give it all you got, and trust in the lord proverbs 3:5 he will lead you and guide you and walk beside you!

Love yall

Elder B. Corbin

Ps. until next week, # year maark is coming up!


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