Week #38- I Am Finding Joy In The Journey!



Pic- #1 Skyping with family, Family is on the bottom of the computer

#2 Brenan got to Skype with Riley who is on his mission in New York! Best cousins, haven’t seen each other in 9 months. Riley has been on his mission for 3 months.

it was the best Mother’s Day seeing all of my children. Special moments in life! Happy Mom! Brenan is doing great, loves the work, having joy in the journey!

Thanks mom, it was good to see yall Happy Mothers day!

It is crazy how fast things are going in the mission field! I dont have any too crazy experiences but it is fun being a missionary, we get to talk to so many different people. I’m not going to lie, it is hard to love the people of the south, but there are a lot of great people out here. It is definitely the bible belt! That is for sure. I know this church is true. Joseph Smith was prepared from the foundation of the world to be the prophet to restore Christs church to the earth! I really like the scripture in Matthew 24: 14. That is what we are doing right now! Preaching is gospel, and i like the last scripture in the last chapter of Matthew, Matthew 28 :20. It is so awesome how many blessings the lord has promised us, it is absolutely incredible. We know that it is truly by grace that we can change, and after all we can do, we are forgiven. Not because all we can do, but because of grace. Its after. The lord loves each one of us so much! California is awesome, but I know Mississippi is where i am supposed to be, there are people out here prepared for me to teach! I know that the Lord has prepared his sons and daughters to here his gospel, we just need to find them. We are working with three investigators right now that are decent. Jeanette Lawton is progressing, she came to church and has a baptismal date of May 30th. The only problem is she has to get married first, thankfully the bishop can do it for free. Haha. Then we have Gloria and Katlyn, Gloria is the mom, and Katyln i think is the adopted daughter but i am not sure, haha, but they also have a baptismal date of May 30th and we just need to get them to church these next two sundays, so they can be baptized. WE are hoping they can act upon the answers they have recieved, it takes alot of faith, but i know they can do it. Other than that, there is nothing new, just going along, working hard on trying to find the elect of God. That is what it is all about. I have found, and have had alot of hard times, and alot of fun times, I am finding joy in the journey! I am thankful for my heavenly father for blessing me with the opportunity! Love yall

Love Elder B. Corbin

Oh and ill send the suit picture next week, i forgot my camera…… haha


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