Week #35 – Attitude for Gratitude


That is so awesome congrats aubree! and chase! That is gonna be so awesome! Have chase send me the video i want to see it! That would be awesome, i want to watch it the 15 min video! I got the wallet! hahah! Have blake send all the photos i have sent home to him, All my videos i sent to blake and you and tucker, on google drive! blake has all my stuff! This week was fun, slow, and fast!
My companion is doing really, good, doesn’t look like its gonna be 6 weeks under. More like 2, he is walking around, we have been going to appointments, he just gets dizzy if he walks around a lot, so he is recovering fast! I read and finished a book called, “Life’s Lessons Learned” by Dallin H. Oaks, it was really, good, i started another book called “TO the Rescue” which is Thomas S. Monson’s biography. it has a lot of uplifting stories in it! Life is great, keeping up the work, and doing what we can. I recently put in not to bad of work on my lifts, right now i’m repping about 175-180 on the bench, and i’m curling 35’s, both exercises at 4 sets of 8, im getting a lot stronger. The lord is blessing me physically, and spiritually, It has been rough sometimes, on the mission, as it is for everyone, but at those hard times, even more joyous moments role on! That is what mortality is about. But we have to always have a attitude for gratitude, it is the parent virtue of all others! I know that as we are thankful unto our God, he will bless us, “And he who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even an hundred fold, yea, more.”

I know this to be true, let us be thankful, and rejoice, for the lord god liveth. Our Savior Lives!

Love yall, let me know mom if there is any thing i need to send for chase or for aubreee, i know i still got to send that full picture of me in a suit! Ill get that done and send it next week!

Love from ELDER B. Corbin
have a good week!


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