Week #33 – Victory Over Death


Transfer day last week

Yes i got the package thanks mom, it was good to receive that! easter was great! Sounds like you guys had a blast! that is so awesome! Life is fantastic, Easter was different as a missionary, but it was fun. For Cub Scouts there was a fundraiser, we made pancakes it was fun! it was awesome, we missed some of conference, giving blessings and doing service! but we are catching up today for our pday! So i’m excited to hear all the talks not just some! the lord does so we need not worry, church is true. This week, we have just done some tracting, and service, we have not really any new investigators we are just trying to find, and see if we can get some real serious people who are trying to change, I believe the lord has prepared someone somewhere i cannot give up, there is someone i know it, ill let yall know when we find them! I know this church is true, im keeping it short this week cus i have to listen to the Saturday evening session today, so i don’t have much time, but i Really liked Elder Holland’s talk about the smart young 14 year old boy who had read his older brothers mind, listening to the spirit to save his older brothers life, the savior saves us and gives us all victory over death, “in Adam all men die, but in christ are all men made alive” i have a personal testimony that the Savior did what he did because he loves us, nothing less, he loves us perfectly, so come unto him, discover him, embrace him, pray to him, and get on your knees and thank him, he did something for us that we could not do on our own. Study the atonement, how did christ really do what he did, we will never fully comprehend in this life but, we can begin to scratch the surface! i know as we come to more fully understand the savior and what he did for us, our love, our character will change, and bring ourselves into closer harmony to him and his love, in the name of Jesus Christ amen!


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