Week #32 – We Can Have Hope, He is Risen


So nothing is new for this week, Excited for general conference to see what the prophets and apostles say! Just moving foward a day at a time. Often times we take life by looking ahead to the future saying, ” i got to do this in three years, or months.” It is so much easier to take life one day at a time. WE always have enough strength to push forward for the day. Take it easy captains, the storm will come, and when it does, take it a gust of wind at a time. I have been blessed with this opportunity I have to serve as an Elder for the church, it has been one of the greatest blessings God has given to me. I have had some of the most beneficial spiritual experiences ever out here in the mission field. But other times, it seems as if God has shut the door on my prayers. Look at some point in out lives we will feel this way, but we know in whom we have trusted, our father in heaven. “what shall we receive the good of god and not the evil” job, “the son of man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than me?” D&C . WE must look forward continually holding fast to the iron rod. Grab your scriptures and turn to them for peace. Get on your knees to your Heavenly Father and pray for help. It is easy to say but it is hard to do. We must learn to transfer what is in our minds to our hearts also, and once we do so we can apply the gospel teachings to our lives. Often times I forget in hard times what the Savior has done for me, i ask why me? Let us not get discouraged brethren let us move on towards perfection trusting in God. Taking life and its beauty and challenges one day at a time. How can we find peace in this world, when so much hate, famine, poverty, and war is among us. Through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because he lives we can have hope. Because he lives we can have peace. Because he lives we can be with our families together forever. Because he lives we can be forgiven. Because he lives we can have joy. “How great shall be your joy?” Family and friends let us forget the things of the world, let us remember who we are, and let us care for one another with love and peace, trusting in God, and having faith in Christ. I testify that as we keep our heads held high, we can have faith and comfort in times of adversity. “No greater love hath man than this, that he layeth down his own life for his friends”

He is risen, he leads this church, he guides his prophets, he loves each one of us, because he lives we can take life on one day at a time, ” the world and the gates of hell combine against you for if ye are built upon this foundation ye shall not fail”

:Fear not for I have overcome the world;

:Those that are of the truth shall hear my voice


He lives I testify of it, i have felt strength beyond my own, i know he is there for us, I love my savior, this work is true, in the name of jesus Christ amen!

Love Elder B. Corbin

studies finished john


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