Week #29- Outer Darkness


Hi mom, this week was great, it was the weirdest weather ever! It was like 20 degrees then 80 degrees, then 60 degrees raining, man i don’t get the south, it is so annoying, you never know what the temp is gonna be like, it could be 30 degrees in the morning then all of a sudden in like a couple of hours its 80 degrees with 80% humidity what the heck south, figure it out Mississippi! Anyways we had a great week, on friday we were tracting with a member named Korbin, yes KORBIN hahaha he is a prospective elder who we are trying to help get on his mission haha ! KORBiN oh man, and so we tracted into this family, The Wilson’s, and we taught a great restoration lesson, so they invited us over the next day which was Saturday, @ 10 am. So we brought Korbin with us again, and we went over the plan of salvation with him, and he was good to go, and we told him that we wont talk about outer darkness, because people in the south, cant comprehend, anything beyond we are saved, so explaining things like that will just confuse them. So he was like okay! So we were on time they opened the door for us, and right even before we could sit down, they had a computer set up, and they asked us so where are we going to go when we die? Because we are baptist are we going to OUTER DARKNESS? ANd i was like oh man, this is going to be fun, good thing i studied the scriptures, So i explained alot of things, my companion who is new had no idea what to say, and Korbin does not know anything, so I was literally dominating on these southern baptists who had no idea about whats going on in the world. And so, i slowly but surely taught them, 1 Corinthians 15, 2 Nephi 2. WE talked about so many things, it was basically a question and answer, and ever answer i gave they were astounded, they did not know what to do. From baptisms of the dead, to three kingdoms, to satan being the brother of Jesus Christ. From priesthood authority to faith vs works. The old guy who knew the new testament, said that it is only through grace that we are saved, and i said yes that is true, we cant save ourselves by works alone, 2 Nephi 25:23 then James ch 2 . And he was like well, i don’t know if i believe that. Then he was questioning about baptisms for the dead, and so i was like anyone who accepts jesus christ as there lord and savior accepts the work of vicarious proxy. Meaning Jesus Christ stepped in place for us, taking upon the sins of those who have died, lived, and will live satisfying the law of justice for us. And first Corinthians 15 ; 29 teaches us about this. And he was like oh okay, then he was like well i believe that either you are going to hell or your going to heaven, no matter what, and that there are not three kingdoms. and i was like sir, we believe, in the New Testament of the king James version of the bible, and it clearly teaches us of these three kingdoms. 1 Corinthians 15 ;40 then i asked do you believe in the NT? And he was like well i don’t believe that, thankfully the wife was way more open to learn and to understand, she wrote down like 10 of the scriptures and was like i will read the book of Mormon i want to learn more, and ill study the scriptures yall shared, such as Ezekeil 37;15-17. Then she asked what about the scripture in revelation that says don’t add to or take away from the bible, isn’t this adding to? I simple explained it like this. The bible is a abridged document with many books in it written by many prophets. The bible itself is a collection of books, that’s why we see in Deuteronomy 4;2 it says the same thing as revelation. The book of mormon is similar to the bible meaning it is a collaboration of books written by prophets in the latin america around the same time the bible was being compiled. The book of mormon, was abridged by a prophet historian named Mormon, and its whole purpose is to testify of Jesus Christ, just like what it says here on the front cover. They then understood and were like okay that makes more sense now, it was a 2 and half hour lesson we tried to leave but they had so many questions, it was a great discussion, thankfully we left right before it got into bible bashing. I answered as politely as i could with analogies and parables and everything, and some of the things they just did not understand, because of what they have been taught their whole life. They think Billy Graham saved more people than Jesus Christ, and when they said that i was thinking in my mind, oh gee what did we get ourselves into, thankfully the lord helped me to confound them in many ways, but i have gained a testimony many times that bible bashing won’t do anything, i simply testified to them that all your concerns will be resolved if you read and pray about the book of mormon, the book of mormon exists, whether you read it or not, it is true, Joseph Smith did see God The Father and Jesus Christ, and here is the proof, read it pray about it ponder it, and you will receive an answer. I promise you you can know for yourself, that Jesus Christ runs the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints, that we have priesthood authority, just like you said Mr. Wilson, we must call upon the name of the lord jesus christ to be saved, but i believe that when we call upon the lord that means we do the things that he asks of us, and that is to have faith in him, repent, and be baptized by someone holding his authority, receive his holy spirit, and endure to the end, this is what the new testament teaches, we have this authority, so yes Mr wilson, we need to be baptized by a priesthood holder in this church, and only the priesthood can be found in the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, so come and see, read the book of mormon it will build your knowledge of the savior and bring you closer to him, otherwise “Except a man be born of water and of the spirit he can in no wise enter into the kingdom of God” john 3;5. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Love Elder B. Corbin

This church is so true its amazing. Love it

Ps. i have been out for how long 7 months wo man wowzers, take it easy chief!


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