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Week #31 – Elder Bednar – Assertive And To The Point


Hey mom, so i got transferred, but not very far at all, my area closed down, because we are running low on missionaries, so me new companion is elder Lesuma he is super cool! He is from Fiji and I’m going to be finish training him, Because he has only been out for a transfer. So we have only a set of elders and sisters in Hattiesburg, so because we are the only elders we are gonna get fed so that is good. Hattiesburg is awesome, this is my favorite area so far, I miss the people in Monroe, but right now we have this super cool investigator named Gary Gordon, we are hoping that he continues to learn and prays to know if the Book of Mormon is true. This area is a full car and it’s huge, and i don’t know where i’m going. Im very excited for this next transfer its going to be sooo fun and we are going to get a lot of work done, i’m hoping that we can see a baptism, because i have not taught anyone that has gotten baptized yet. I’m continuing to work hard tho, that’s all the matters, I cant force people to act on this message. So Hattiesburg Stake was reorganized and Elder David A Bednar was here!!!!!!!!!!! I was able to go to priesthood session, adult session and church session, so it was really goood I LEARNED ALOT. I wrote down a lot of the things i can study, and get better at, sad to say he did not do anything for the missionaries, he got here, did what he had to do and left. I really liked when he was telling a story about how he was talking to his friend about the gospel, it related really closely with what i tell people. Here in the south people are so caught up in, “there is no more bible”….. well where does it say that? oh wait it doesn’t say that…. “oh well what do you say about in revelations where it says not to take away or add to the bible” the funny thing is that revelations was written long before any of the other books in the bible, so everything after that like all the letters of Paul, the gospels don’t exist if you go buy that, oh and it says the same thing in duet, chapter 4 verse 2 so everything after that is that false too? Well David Bednar if i’m not a mormon are you saying i’m going to hell? Bednar says” No you are going straight to the terrestrial” his friend “see there you go again with your mormonism Bednar ” Jeff don’t you see in Corinthians it teaches of different degrees of glory, come on i thought you knew the bible more” Elder Bednar continued telling us about how he loves the south because of how he grew up in southern Arkansas. then he made this very smart and i think very intellectual assessment and fact. talking to his friend “You see Jeff, you are a modern day pharisee.” ….. Everyone started laughing because a lot of people would hold that offensively, being that ELDER BEDNAR IS VERY ASSERTIVE AND TO THE POINT. “you are so tied to the written word, that you are missing out on modern day revelation from Christ. The Pharisees where so tied to the written word that they missed the living christ. If you reject Joseph Smith and his revelations, it would have been the same if you were living in ancient times rejecting Jesus Christ himself” WHAT A WONDERFUL OBSERVATION THAT IS 100% true. People are so tied to the written word that they simply are rejecting the Book of Mormon, even though we prove them 100% wrong in there argument, because of pride, they stumble. WE MUST BE BAPTIZED BY SOMEONE HOLDING THE PROPER AUTHORITY< WE HAVE IT! IT’S ON THE EARTH! when Jesus Christ said,”Except a man be born of water and of the spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of god” he was not kidding, he did not say oh welll maybe you can, or if god is having a good day, or i guess you might be able to. YOU CAN’T, GOD WILL NOT ALLOW IT, this is why it is so amazing to me when people say well, many roads lead to Rome, so it does not matter what religion you are, OF COURSE IT MATTERS, DON’T YOU SEE,,, THE SCRIPTURES DONT TEACH THAT, do you not read the scriptures. CHRIST SAID HIMSELF A MAN CANNOT BE SAVED IN IGNORANCE. PEOPLE must realize how serious this is, this is eternity, this is real, we exist, that fact alone means there’s a God. It’s harder to believe that we came from a atom that does exist and doesn’t exist at the same time and then all of a sudden it blew up and now we are here. THAT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE, SCIENCE ITSELF TEACHES THAT OPPOSITE FORCE TO CAUSE A REACTION, something can’t just move or act without being acted upon. man, people get it together, i just am passionate about this, this is all true, we have a Heavenly Father who is our father, who is God, who created everything. Read the scriptures, pray for him to guide you, he will lead you to this church, if you let him, with a sincere heart. We are the fastest growing church, we are called the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, we have one of the biggest helping the needy foundations in the world, and we have the most money. THIS IS BECAUSE MAN DID NOT CREATE THIS< IT IS GODS KINGDOM ON THE EARTH< IT IS HIS BANK ACCOUNT THAT WILL NEVER FAIL IT IS HIS TRUTH THAT WILL CONTINUE TO ROLL UNTIL THE END OF TIME eons and eons, brethren hearken unto the words of Christ and come unto him, ask and ye shall receive knock and it shall be opened unto you, I testify that if you do you will have the truth of these things manifested unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost, i testify in the sacred and beloved name of jesus Christ amen.

Love ELDER B. Corbin

church is soo true, study the scriptures everyday and study the modern day words of the prophets!


Week #30 – Says it All

life is so fantastic, life is the best, the savior is absolutely real he truly lives!

Brenan’s email- says it all…

Pic from Monroe, LA


Week #29- Outer Darkness


Hi mom, this week was great, it was the weirdest weather ever! It was like 20 degrees then 80 degrees, then 60 degrees raining, man i don’t get the south, it is so annoying, you never know what the temp is gonna be like, it could be 30 degrees in the morning then all of a sudden in like a couple of hours its 80 degrees with 80% humidity what the heck south, figure it out Mississippi! Anyways we had a great week, on friday we were tracting with a member named Korbin, yes KORBIN hahaha he is a prospective elder who we are trying to help get on his mission haha ! KORBiN oh man, and so we tracted into this family, The Wilson’s, and we taught a great restoration lesson, so they invited us over the next day which was Saturday, @ 10 am. So we brought Korbin with us again, and we went over the plan of salvation with him, and he was good to go, and we told him that we wont talk about outer darkness, because people in the south, cant comprehend, anything beyond we are saved, so explaining things like that will just confuse them. So he was like okay! So we were on time they opened the door for us, and right even before we could sit down, they had a computer set up, and they asked us so where are we going to go when we die? Because we are baptist are we going to OUTER DARKNESS? ANd i was like oh man, this is going to be fun, good thing i studied the scriptures, So i explained alot of things, my companion who is new had no idea what to say, and Korbin does not know anything, so I was literally dominating on these southern baptists who had no idea about whats going on in the world. And so, i slowly but surely taught them, 1 Corinthians 15, 2 Nephi 2. WE talked about so many things, it was basically a question and answer, and ever answer i gave they were astounded, they did not know what to do. From baptisms of the dead, to three kingdoms, to satan being the brother of Jesus Christ. From priesthood authority to faith vs works. The old guy who knew the new testament, said that it is only through grace that we are saved, and i said yes that is true, we cant save ourselves by works alone, 2 Nephi 25:23 then James ch 2 . And he was like well, i don’t know if i believe that. Then he was questioning about baptisms for the dead, and so i was like anyone who accepts jesus christ as there lord and savior accepts the work of vicarious proxy. Meaning Jesus Christ stepped in place for us, taking upon the sins of those who have died, lived, and will live satisfying the law of justice for us. And first Corinthians 15 ; 29 teaches us about this. And he was like oh okay, then he was like well i believe that either you are going to hell or your going to heaven, no matter what, and that there are not three kingdoms. and i was like sir, we believe, in the New Testament of the king James version of the bible, and it clearly teaches us of these three kingdoms. 1 Corinthians 15 ;40 then i asked do you believe in the NT? And he was like well i don’t believe that, thankfully the wife was way more open to learn and to understand, she wrote down like 10 of the scriptures and was like i will read the book of Mormon i want to learn more, and ill study the scriptures yall shared, such as Ezekeil 37;15-17. Then she asked what about the scripture in revelation that says don’t add to or take away from the bible, isn’t this adding to? I simple explained it like this. The bible is a abridged document with many books in it written by many prophets. The bible itself is a collection of books, that’s why we see in Deuteronomy 4;2 it says the same thing as revelation. The book of mormon is similar to the bible meaning it is a collaboration of books written by prophets in the latin america around the same time the bible was being compiled. The book of mormon, was abridged by a prophet historian named Mormon, and its whole purpose is to testify of Jesus Christ, just like what it says here on the front cover. They then understood and were like okay that makes more sense now, it was a 2 and half hour lesson we tried to leave but they had so many questions, it was a great discussion, thankfully we left right before it got into bible bashing. I answered as politely as i could with analogies and parables and everything, and some of the things they just did not understand, because of what they have been taught their whole life. They think Billy Graham saved more people than Jesus Christ, and when they said that i was thinking in my mind, oh gee what did we get ourselves into, thankfully the lord helped me to confound them in many ways, but i have gained a testimony many times that bible bashing won’t do anything, i simply testified to them that all your concerns will be resolved if you read and pray about the book of mormon, the book of mormon exists, whether you read it or not, it is true, Joseph Smith did see God The Father and Jesus Christ, and here is the proof, read it pray about it ponder it, and you will receive an answer. I promise you you can know for yourself, that Jesus Christ runs the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints, that we have priesthood authority, just like you said Mr. Wilson, we must call upon the name of the lord jesus christ to be saved, but i believe that when we call upon the lord that means we do the things that he asks of us, and that is to have faith in him, repent, and be baptized by someone holding his authority, receive his holy spirit, and endure to the end, this is what the new testament teaches, we have this authority, so yes Mr wilson, we need to be baptized by a priesthood holder in this church, and only the priesthood can be found in the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, so come and see, read the book of mormon it will build your knowledge of the savior and bring you closer to him, otherwise “Except a man be born of water and of the spirit he can in no wise enter into the kingdom of God” john 3;5. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Love Elder B. Corbin

This church is so true its amazing. Love it

Ps. i have been out for how long 7 months wo man wowzers, take it easy chief!

Week #28- 5am Bike Ride “On the Lord’s Errand”

Love you mom, happy birthday! Life is so fantastic, through thick and thin the savior is always there for us, I really experienced it this week. My companion Elder Burningham got really sick on thursday night. He was throwing up and have all sorts of problems every 5 minutes. It started at 9 pm Thursday night, and went all night until morning. I didn’t get very much sleep maybe 4 hours or so on and off. And it just kept getting worse and worse for him. So at 430 am, i tried calling the hattiesburg east elders, zls, pervis, basically all the elders that had a car near by, no one was answering, because it got so bad, told burningham, look man you need to go to the hospital, and he was like yah i agree, so i was like heres what i am going to do, i am going to hop on my bike and bike to the Hattiesburg easts pad, i’m going to wake them up, and then come back and we are going to pick you up and go to the E.R. He was like okay, so I hoped on my bike at 5am, and I started the 4 mile bike ride, it was freezing, it was like 30 degree’s out or something dumb, and the whole time i was so tired, i had previously had done insanity twice the day before so my muscles were so fatigued with no sleep at all. And i was just dying all the way there, I got there at 520 am. i hoped off my bike and i got the other elders up, and explained the situation to them, then we went back and took elder burningham to the hospital. turns out everything is okay, he just had a pretty bad case of the flu, and we didn’t have any medicine, that would help him, the doc, prescribed to him some zofran, so we went to Walmart and he bought that, and then he was better, we then rested for the rest of the week, so our numbers were not the best but, we did all we could. I ended up cleaning the entire bathroom cus it just stank sooo bad, i just comet blasted everything!@ bybygerms! it took me like 1 hour and half, then after that, as i was going to take a nap that afternoon, cus we got no sleep elder burningham was like Elder corbin you have been the best comp i have ever had, and i was like thanks bro, its no problem, don’t apologize for being sick. So it just built my testimony, that as we try to live life like the savior did, and as we exemplify him in all we do, we end up blessing other peoples lives more than we think. Thomas S. Monson in his movie, ” On the Lords Errand” at the end he says that, “one of the sweetest feelings i know in life is to follow the promptings of the spirit and then to later to find out that it was the answer to someones, need, or to someones prayer!” That is one hundred percent true. Heavenly Father loves us, and this week because of all the down time I had i was able to start and finish this book called ” Believing Christ” by Stephen E. Robinson. A member let me borrow it because at a dinner appointment we were talking about our interests, and he loves reading and I was like oh yeah, what kind of reading, and he said i love church books written by prophets and other types of book similar, and then i said, Man thats sweet, i wish i was more into reading, before my mission no one could get me to read i hated books, books were the most boring thing on planet earth, but then i learned that books will make you so much smarter, especially when you read books about the gospel, D.C. 88:118. the best book I have read is called “The Infinite Atonement” by Tad R. Callister, and he said i love that book, if you really like that book then you will love this one. Then he handed me the Believing Christ book, an then i asked him hey do you think i could borrow this and give it back to you this sunday, and he said sure. So i read in like almost 4 hours and i could not put it down. It expanded alot on how alot of us believe in christ but we dont believe christ. Let me show you what i mean by that. When we Believe in Christ we believe he is the son of god, we believe that he has the ability to save, we believe that he preformed the atonement. But often times we catch ourselves being hard on ourselves, saying I have repented of my sins but i still feel sad letting the sorrow of those sins still pound our soul with grief, why did i do such a thing, or maybe Christ just cant save me, or maybe everyone else is better than me, I believe in christ and that he can save others, but i cant overcome this weakness or I cant be forgiven of this sin. Maybe we will say something like the man in book who said something like this
” When I was a bishop, I used to hear several variations on a theme. Sometimes it was, “Bishop, I’ve punched my ticket wrong. I’ve just made mistakes that have gotten me off on the wrong track, and you can’t get there from here.” I’ve heard those who say, “Bishop, I’ve sinned too horribly. I can’t have the full blessings of the gospel because I did this, or I did that. I’ll come to Church, and I’ll be active, and I’m hoping for a pretty good reward, but I couldn’t receive the full blessings of exaltation in the celestial kingdom after what I’ve done.” There are those members who say, “Bishop, I’m just an average Saint. I’m weak and imperfect, and I don’t have all the talents that Sister So-and-So does, or Brother So-and-So does. I’ll never be in the bishopric, or I’ll never be the Relief Society president. I’m just average. I hope for a place a little further down.” All of these are variations of the same theme: “I do not believe Christ can do what he claims. I have no faith in his ability to exalt me.”

My favorite is a fellow who said to me once, “Bishop, I’m just not celestial material.” Well, I’d had enough, so I said back to him, “Why don’t you admit your problem? You’re not celestial material? Welcome to the club. None of us are! None of us qualify on the terms of perfection required for the presence of God by ourselves. Why don’t you just admit that you don’t have faith in the ability of Christ to do what he says he can do?”

He got angry. He had always believed in Christ. He said, “I have a testimony of Jesus. I believe in Christ.”

I said, “Yes, you believe in Christ. You simply do not believe Christ, because he says even though you are not celestial material, he can make you celestial material.”

Sometimes we catch ourselves in this same place, believe christ he can do what he says he can do for example look at the prophet Enos! His faith was so strong that it is written that he pierced through the vial and saw god! Enos 1 vs 5-6 ” And there came a voice unto me, saying; Enos, thy sins are forgiven thee, and thou shalt be blessed. And I, Enos, knew that God could not lie; wherefore, my guilt was swept away.” HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! Let us have the faith of Enos, who trusted in the lord and not only believes in Christ, but also BELIEVES CHRIST ! I know that as we do so the lord will bless us, this church is 100% true, and I know this because of experiences that I have felt the presence of the savior in my life. Through thick and thin, happiness and sorrow, we can recognize that faith will lead us through. Look at Job for example, of Job, Job 5;17, Job 2;10, Job 19;25-26 ” Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty:. What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil? In all this did not Job sin with his lips. For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God:” What comforting words we can apply to our lives. I know that my redeemer liveth, he lives, all glory to his name, pray to him, let him guide your life, it will only bring happiness, i promise you, you will become perfect-in-christ as we use faith, repentance, baptism, recieve the gift of the holy ghost, and endure to the end, we can inherit eternal life. I so testify, because I have felt the redeeming power of the Atonement, and I have seen and felt the tender mercies of the lord, and I have felt his graceful hand touch my life, he truly lives. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Love Elder B. Corbin

Church is so true, love the gospel, follow the spirit, mosiah 3:18

Studies, I read “Believing Christ” all the way through finished that. Started and read to page 45 in “Our search for Happiness”. Read in Job Ch 1-22.

Love it dominate!