Week #27- You Can Know It


Just Gaming at Duck Commander! Always having a good time…

Hey mom awesome sounds like alot of fun !!!!!!!!!! Here is quick email on some scirptures i studied this week! and yeh

CHURCH IS TRUE, area is great, just finding finding finding!


Amos 3:7 We need prophets!

Amos 8:11-12 Apostasy

Acts 3:19-21 restitution of truth

Romans 8: 16-17 spirit children, progress to Godhood through gospel

Matthew 5: 48 be ye therefore perfect

James 1:5 Ask god, pray

James 2:17 faith without works is dead

Ether 12:6 pray to know if bom is true

Moroni 13:3-5 ask with faith

Plan of salvation

Alma chapter 40

1 Corinthians 15: 40-41

Jeremiah 1:5

Gospel of Jesus Christ

Matthew 3:16-17

3 Nephi 11

2 Nephi 31: 10-12

Baptismal invitation!

2 Nephi 31: 10-12

God is our loving heavenly father we are his children he gave us this precious time on earth to learn and to grow, and to gain a body, he gave us families to learn from each other and to feel the love of kinship. To raised by gospel teachings through Jesus Christ, but he knew that we would  make mistakes so he sent his only perfect son, to redeem us!

Jesus Christ when he came to the earth, he did many things for us, but there were two main things that he did, the first thing he did was die on the cross for our sins, he suffered for our sins, so that if we choose to follow him we could be forgiven of our mistakes, and the second thing he did was he called Prophets and Apostles. he did this by putting his hands upon there heads and gave them his authority, which is the priesthood, this is the authority to act in Gods name. Because the people were wicked they killed Jesus Christ, right? So just like they killed the Savior they sought after the death of his apostles. Now I want yall to picture a glass coffee table with 13 legs underneath. IF you pull out one leg for the death of jesus christ, the table still stands, but as you continue to pull out all the other legs by killing the apostles, when you pull out that last leg, that glass table is going to hit the ground. Now what happens when the glass table hits the ground? It shatters right? into thousands of pieces. That same thing happened to the organization of the church! So what good followers of Jesus Christ did is they went to that broken glass table and they picked up as many glass pieces as they could, (which pieces represent truth and right) and they held it to there heart and they said, ” I am going to follow Jesus Christ the best way i know how! But unfortunately there were alot of small and tiny broken pieces of glass still scattered upon the ground. So many plain and precious truths were lost! people then relied upon what they knew and understood and started to rely on there own wisdom to interpret scripture.  Therefore without a Prophet we likewise will not see, those pieces, let alone have the ability to pick them up. So this is when you see all these churches start to form. have you ever wondered why there are so many churches today? I have, its confusing because God is not the author of Confusion! 1 Corinthians 14 :33 ! and Ephesians says in chapter 5 vs 4-6 one lord one faith and one baptism right? So why are there so many churches? It is the outcome and consequence of no prophet to be the presiding authority! WE need prophets Amos 3:7! We have seen prophets from the begging of the world, Adam being the first prophet, all the way down to Jesus Christ. So if God is the same today, yesterday, and forever. Why is it in this time of the world that God would not speak to us through a Prophet. He does, he does speak to us through a prophet! And you CAN KNOW IT! in Matthew it says to beware of false prophets! But it also says that ye shall know them by there fruits! THE BOOK OF MORMON IS THE FRUIT OF JOSEPH SMITH, test it, it exists! I can promise you that if you read the book of mormon and flip through it you will not by any means receive and answer of its truth. But, if you sincerely want to know, and you pray often and you read and search diligently, the holy ghost will testify to you of its truthfulness, I can promise you that, because i have done it, and ever since I have done that, i have been the happiest I have ever been, to know that the savior is real, to know that we can be with our families together forever, that we are sons and daughters of  God, there is no greater happiness or peace that comes from that. Because of this i know that the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is Jesus Christs church, which has prophets and apostles, who hold the priesthood of God! You just have to test the fruit, dont take my word for it! test it yourself, it will only bring you happiness, hope and peace! It will be and is, the most important thing you will ever do! It will bring you closer to your savior Jesus Christ, and that is what it is all about, coming closer to the savior, So will you read to know if the BOM is true!?

This is just a quick rendition of the restoration lesson, but i hope you can gain some tips on what to say and how to say it, its always under the direction of the spirit! Dominateyall church is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder B. Corbin

Ps. Read pray, study learn, be attentive, act.


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