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Week #26 – Search Diligently and Pray


(A “selfie” at the Zoo before transfers in Monroe, Louisiana. Duck commander Willie scarf for keepsake, Hahaha!) I love how Brenan still has his sense of humor….SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

So i just wrote a really nice email , but right as i was going to send it it got deleted some how, sooo i boofed it big time, so here is a super super short email. Life is good, Hattiesburg is a little different from monroe, we get fed and pdays are great, but missionary work is the same. we have the really rich part so, you know how that goes! Anyways church is 1000000% true, you can know it too! The book of mormon is the proof that the church has been restored. If you are willing, read it, you will feel the spirit of god, if you read it with real intent. If you take a book of mormon and you just flip through it and pray, you wont receive an answer, i promise you you wont! But if u search diligently and pray and really desire to know you will receive an answer. I promise you. I know the book of mormon is true, not because i met Joseph Smith, not because i have met Jesus Christ or Heavenly Father, but because of the way i feel when i read the book of mormon and when i pray to know if its true. No other earthly knowledge can take me away from that testimony, because it did not come from an earthly experience. But from the spirit of god. The book of mormon will bring you closer to Jesus Christ, you will feel his love, and you will be able to partake of salvation through baptism by proper authority. Authority is everything. Without authority of God, you are just going down in the water and back up. THats it. So pray and read, it is a big deal, we claim this, we know this, and you can know it too. I promise you if you do your life will be blessed in ways that you have never thought, and Heavenly Father loves you so much, he wants to bless you, come unto him, please, we beg of you, we love you, and most importantly Jesus Christ loves you, he suffered for you, come unto Christ and be perfected in him. Linguistic words of any known language cannot describe the love the comes from Jesus Christ and his godly spirit of love. Follow him, let him influence you in a path towards happiness, you wont regret it. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

Love Elder B. Corbin

Ps. Church is true, stay schemin love yall!