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Week #27- You Can Know It


Just Gaming at Duck Commander! Always having a good time…

Hey mom awesome sounds like alot of fun !!!!!!!!!! Here is quick email on some scirptures i studied this week! and yeh

CHURCH IS TRUE, area is great, just finding finding finding!


Amos 3:7 We need prophets!

Amos 8:11-12 Apostasy

Acts 3:19-21 restitution of truth

Romans 8: 16-17 spirit children, progress to Godhood through gospel

Matthew 5: 48 be ye therefore perfect

James 1:5 Ask god, pray

James 2:17 faith without works is dead

Ether 12:6 pray to know if bom is true

Moroni 13:3-5 ask with faith

Plan of salvation

Alma chapter 40

1 Corinthians 15: 40-41

Jeremiah 1:5

Gospel of Jesus Christ

Matthew 3:16-17

3 Nephi 11

2 Nephi 31: 10-12

Baptismal invitation!

2 Nephi 31: 10-12

God is our loving heavenly father we are his children he gave us this precious time on earth to learn and to grow, and to gain a body, he gave us families to learn from each other and to feel the love of kinship. To raised by gospel teachings through Jesus Christ, but he knew that we would  make mistakes so he sent his only perfect son, to redeem us!

Jesus Christ when he came to the earth, he did many things for us, but there were two main things that he did, the first thing he did was die on the cross for our sins, he suffered for our sins, so that if we choose to follow him we could be forgiven of our mistakes, and the second thing he did was he called Prophets and Apostles. he did this by putting his hands upon there heads and gave them his authority, which is the priesthood, this is the authority to act in Gods name. Because the people were wicked they killed Jesus Christ, right? So just like they killed the Savior they sought after the death of his apostles. Now I want yall to picture a glass coffee table with 13 legs underneath. IF you pull out one leg for the death of jesus christ, the table still stands, but as you continue to pull out all the other legs by killing the apostles, when you pull out that last leg, that glass table is going to hit the ground. Now what happens when the glass table hits the ground? It shatters right? into thousands of pieces. That same thing happened to the organization of the church! So what good followers of Jesus Christ did is they went to that broken glass table and they picked up as many glass pieces as they could, (which pieces represent truth and right) and they held it to there heart and they said, ” I am going to follow Jesus Christ the best way i know how! But unfortunately there were alot of small and tiny broken pieces of glass still scattered upon the ground. So many plain and precious truths were lost! people then relied upon what they knew and understood and started to rely on there own wisdom to interpret scripture.  Therefore without a Prophet we likewise will not see, those pieces, let alone have the ability to pick them up. So this is when you see all these churches start to form. have you ever wondered why there are so many churches today? I have, its confusing because God is not the author of Confusion! 1 Corinthians 14 :33 ! and Ephesians says in chapter 5 vs 4-6 one lord one faith and one baptism right? So why are there so many churches? It is the outcome and consequence of no prophet to be the presiding authority! WE need prophets Amos 3:7! We have seen prophets from the begging of the world, Adam being the first prophet, all the way down to Jesus Christ. So if God is the same today, yesterday, and forever. Why is it in this time of the world that God would not speak to us through a Prophet. He does, he does speak to us through a prophet! And you CAN KNOW IT! in Matthew it says to beware of false prophets! But it also says that ye shall know them by there fruits! THE BOOK OF MORMON IS THE FRUIT OF JOSEPH SMITH, test it, it exists! I can promise you that if you read the book of mormon and flip through it you will not by any means receive and answer of its truth. But, if you sincerely want to know, and you pray often and you read and search diligently, the holy ghost will testify to you of its truthfulness, I can promise you that, because i have done it, and ever since I have done that, i have been the happiest I have ever been, to know that the savior is real, to know that we can be with our families together forever, that we are sons and daughters of  God, there is no greater happiness or peace that comes from that. Because of this i know that the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is Jesus Christs church, which has prophets and apostles, who hold the priesthood of God! You just have to test the fruit, dont take my word for it! test it yourself, it will only bring you happiness, hope and peace! It will be and is, the most important thing you will ever do! It will bring you closer to your savior Jesus Christ, and that is what it is all about, coming closer to the savior, So will you read to know if the BOM is true!?

This is just a quick rendition of the restoration lesson, but i hope you can gain some tips on what to say and how to say it, its always under the direction of the spirit! Dominateyall church is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder B. Corbin

Ps. Read pray, study learn, be attentive, act.


Week #26 – Search Diligently and Pray


(A “selfie” at the Zoo before transfers in Monroe, Louisiana. Duck commander Willie scarf for keepsake, Hahaha!) I love how Brenan still has his sense of humor….SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

So i just wrote a really nice email , but right as i was going to send it it got deleted some how, sooo i boofed it big time, so here is a super super short email. Life is good, Hattiesburg is a little different from monroe, we get fed and pdays are great, but missionary work is the same. we have the really rich part so, you know how that goes! Anyways church is 1000000% true, you can know it too! The book of mormon is the proof that the church has been restored. If you are willing, read it, you will feel the spirit of god, if you read it with real intent. If you take a book of mormon and you just flip through it and pray, you wont receive an answer, i promise you you wont! But if u search diligently and pray and really desire to know you will receive an answer. I promise you. I know the book of mormon is true, not because i met Joseph Smith, not because i have met Jesus Christ or Heavenly Father, but because of the way i feel when i read the book of mormon and when i pray to know if its true. No other earthly knowledge can take me away from that testimony, because it did not come from an earthly experience. But from the spirit of god. The book of mormon will bring you closer to Jesus Christ, you will feel his love, and you will be able to partake of salvation through baptism by proper authority. Authority is everything. Without authority of God, you are just going down in the water and back up. THats it. So pray and read, it is a big deal, we claim this, we know this, and you can know it too. I promise you if you do your life will be blessed in ways that you have never thought, and Heavenly Father loves you so much, he wants to bless you, come unto him, please, we beg of you, we love you, and most importantly Jesus Christ loves you, he suffered for you, come unto Christ and be perfected in him. Linguistic words of any known language cannot describe the love the comes from Jesus Christ and his godly spirit of love. Follow him, let him influence you in a path towards happiness, you wont regret it. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

Love Elder B. Corbin

Ps. Church is true, stay schemin love yall!

Week #25- Land of Milk & Honey, You don’t even know (u.o.e.n.o.)

hattiesburg_ms   I got transfered woooooo, new area, second area that is what i am talkin about ! So i got transfered to the land of Milk n Honey, Hattiesburg I have heard is one of the best, if not the best place to serve in the mission, reason being the districts are huge,and p-days are the best becuase there are several districts, members take care of you, and the missionary work in most of the areas is really good! So i am absolutely pumped right now, i am in a car share, week on bike- week in car, and Right now i am emailing at the university of Southern Mississippi library and it is so much nicer than the dinkie library we used in monroe, so the computers work so much better, life is just fantastic, my new Companion is Elder Burningham, he came out a transfer after me, he is cool, i cant wait to know him, it is gonna be great! My apartment is pretty new, this area just opened up like 4 transfers or so ago so its pretty new. I am serving in the Hattiesburg West area. It is awesome, my new DL is Elder Jones he is a super funny guy, he is from Ethopia and was adopted by a super mormon family in Salem, UT. This transfer is going to be great! I am absolutely on fire right now. Today we had ZDM and the theme was finding joy in Missionary work, because we all know that missionary work is not easy, if you think it is, u.o.e.n.o. We talked alot about how the Savior is always inviting us and our investigators to repent and to change for the better, because this life is a giant process to become like our Heavenly Father and so, that means we need to be constantly improving, because if your not, guess what, that means you are not improving, therefore the steps of the gospel are like a ladder, you must start at the bottom and work your way to the top, so if you are not going up, you are going to be going down. SO we talked about how we can be happy, and we talked a little bit about obedience. Obedience I believe is the answer for everything. If you need an answer, if you have a problem, if you have a heart ache, if you have trial that is so difficult that you just want to throw in the towel and say Heck with it? If you be obedient to our father in heaven and exercise faith in him he will provide a way for you to accomplish the task at hand, I know it. I know it not because I heard somebody that accomplished something, not because I did a scientific exam on the will of people and habits, but because I have lived the gospel, and i have not lived the gospel. And i know with no doubt, nothing wavering, that if you are obedient to Jesus Christ, and you follow his counselors, it will solve 99% of your problems. Now, problems and trials are good, because these things make us stronger, they refine us and shape us into who the Lord wants us to be. So when we are obedient, all the problems that we make ourselves will be solved, but those trials, those difficulties that are out of our control will come, and when they do, those who were and are obedient, will ALWAYS be GIVEN THE STRENGTH TO OVERCOME. I know that to be true, I have tested it in my own life, when i am obedient i have the spirit when i am not i dont. SO how do we be 100% obedient. WE dont, simply put, you are going to make mistakes, that is the bottom line, BUT HERE IS THE CATCH, we can be perfect in some things, we can be perfect in our own sphere of existence, I will not break the Word of Wisdom, so i am going to be perfect in this thing, I will not commit adultry, I will not kill so I am going to be perfect in this thing, I will not break the law of chastity so i will be perfect in this thing, these are all things that we can be 100% obedient in. Pride for example is something that I will try to be perfect in but its hard obvi, everyone has it, that is something that we should all be repenting of every time we step into a sacrament meeting, this is something that will never be perfect in, in this life, but we can get better and better until the perfect day. Line upon Line, commandment upon commandment, that is the way it works. The problem is this, we think it is going to be easy, I thought, Brenan Neal Corbin “thought” that the mission would be pretty “easy”, its gonna be a good, just like stealing candy from baby, piece of cake, i got this. Boy was i wrong, things are going to be hard, and they will be hard, and they are hard, but, if you are obedient these burdens that we all carry will be made light. Agency is so key, we need to make sure that every step we take is the right one, otherwise we might fall into a snare set, by the clever and sneaky one. We must be willing to pay the price for obedience, and that is our will, given to the Father’s will. Success in life and in heaven will NEVER BE ON DISCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, we always see signs that say, 50% off this or 85% off buy one get one free, or 4000 dollars back on your old car and here is a Honda, bcus we want to see you in a honda. The last time i saw a sign that said, 75% off a temple recommend was never ago, cus it never happened, it never will. The last time i saw a Ferrari, or Lamborghini, or a really nice Audi or BMW or Mercedes on sale was never ago, why because you got to be willing to put forth sacrifice and effort for those things. THe point i am making is you have to sacrifice, your time, your tears, your blood, and your effort, if you want to be successful in the gospel. The world, its easier to get into the NBA or NFL or NASCAR or NASA or HARVARD or STANFORD or the NAVY SEALS, than it is to gain an apostolic testimony of the savior, to be a desciple of Jesus Christ is the hardest and most rewarding thing you will ever do! Look at Jesus Christ he was PERFECT, YET, HE SUFFERED BEYOND ANYONE HAS EVER EVEN COME CLOSE TO SUFFERING< WE dont even understand how much he suffered, and Jesus Christ was the ONLY PERFECT CHILD HEAVENLY FATHER HAD! and he suffered more than all of us. You can only imagine the state that we are in, in the sight of our heavenly father, i am eons away from perfection, and christ suffered how much?, the whole human plight and more……… Dang, i better get on my knees right now and ask for forgiveness. Yet we all walk around acting like we are something great. I am nothing, we are nothing, only when we choose to be Obedient is when we become something. Heavenly Father loves everyone, he loves the Savior as much as he loves you and me, so lets commit all of us, to get on our knees, and pray to him, to tell him how we feel, to tell him that we love him, and the promise him that we will follow him, and thank him, be grateful to him, and plead with him for help. I know that our lives will be so much better if we can sincerely do that. Thomas S. Monson, the modern day prophet , said in one of his movies,that people would ask him why he prayed so much, or why he would take of his baseball cap so much, its because he would pray often! that he always prays! If he was fishing he would just take 30 seconds and say a quick prayer, then 15 minutes later he would say another prayer, constantly thanking God for all the blessings he has given. Let us now, develop this attribute of Christ. I want to testify to yall that I know that Joseph smith was the prophet prepared from the foundation of the world, to be the Prophet who would restore Christ’s church to the earth, I know that the Book of Mormon is 100% the word of God, more so than any other book on the face of the Planet, i know that if we abide by its teachings we will be the happiest people alive, I know that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world, and with out him. There would have been no creation, for all would have been lost, and made captive to the devil and his angels. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to the fullness of joy, sin is filth, avoid it like you would a vile plague, stay away from it, it will only bring you spiritual wounds, I promise with all my heart that as we follow the Savior and his teachings we are making the right step forward on our eternal journey to the gates of the celestial kingdom, i add my witness that he lives, In the name of our beloved savior, Jesus Christ, amen!

Love Elder B. Corbin

Ps. Mother i love you,  Dominate everyone love ya! Dad love you so much, blake kill it, amanda, aubree love ya, james i promise duck dynasty doesn’t have any idea, your the man, Amber and taylor dominate!

Studies, Bom 40-90, pmg, Keep commitments, extend. Acts, finished, start John. Review of John 10 and psalm 83 to fight off JW’s

Hattiesburg wooooo! time to find the elect! Love yall

This was Brenan’s Monroe District heading to the Zoo in Louisiana.


Week #24 – Dominate


Brenan was at “Duck Commander Store” Hanging around reading “miss kate” cookbook…..Hahaha!

thanks mom!! Thats awesome sounds like the super bowl was awesome! Life is going good. We are still spending a lot of time tracting and trying to find! We are still working with Frank Marsala, to try to help him to overcome the word of wisdom. Our newest investigator, Jay, we are trying to get him to receive the second lesson and come to church. Satan has some clever tactics, but I think the lord will out smart him. heavenly father is merciful, he will give everyone several chances to hear the gospel and change for the better. That is what the gospel is all about changing to become like Christ, because living like Christ and doing what he wants us to do, is the only thing that will make us happy. We have to emulate him in all we do, people will notice the light in us, If you light a candlestick are you going to hide it under a bushel? NO! Of course not, same with the gospel, PROCLAIM IT! I AM A MORMON, GET ON THE NEXT LEVEL! that is what it is all about. If people search the scriptures diligently they will come to find what we teach to be true. The need for the restoration is found all over the bible. You just to have eyes, to see, and perceive. You need ears to hear, for Christ said,By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive” Matthew 13:14. The parable of the sower is a great one. Make sure you fall into solid ground that is fertile. I like to tell people, that either you are going to either choose the way Christ lived, or you are going to choose the way he suffered, either one your choice. So make sure you become a stronger wheat in the midst of trial, so you don’t get sifted out by Satan as a tare. If this was not true, do think i would be wasting some of the best, and most youthful years of my life away? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You only life once, so make sure you do it right haha. Come on you got to give me more credit man. Anyways the church is so true, it absolutely blows my mind about what kind of amazing things the lord has in store for his saints. I love this church, i love this gospel, I love my Savior, and most importantly, I choose to follow him. Most people don’t do the last one, it’s sad, they draw near to him with their lips but their hearts are far from him. I hope and pray that i can help those out here follow the savior and grow closer to him, I mean this is the absolute, most important thing that they will ever do, this is eternity, this is eons of time, this is salvation, this is not a game, this is real LiFE! DOMINATE, YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS! U.o.e.n.o. Follow the spirit, Mosiah 3:19, stay on fire with it, and keep working, diligence is key, through diligence, we become obedient! I love you all !!! Have a great week in paradise!

Love Elder B. Corbin

Ps. Mom please, please.please change that picture of me at the top of the Blog, there is no justice in that ahahahahaaha love ya!