Week #23 – Life is fantastic!

Hey mom so we still email on pdays, just sometimes the library is closed for no reason so we have to wait till the next day. Life is so fantastic, Life is fantastic! WE are still doing alot of finding haha, the bible belt is hard, but its worth it im learning so much about the bible. Did you know that Luke and Mark in the Nt gospels were not apostles? Crazy right. thats the fun fact of the day. THat blew my mind in Jesus the Christ. Haha so awesome. Im still in acts, there is so much to learn woo! THis week was awesome, we still tract for daysss, haha! Anyways I miss you all, i hope all is well. Here is a quick thought. Repentance is awesome, its realationship with mercy and grace is fantastic. Through the atonement, mercy was born, through mercy was born grace. Grace is the power at which god helps us overcome inadequacies that we could not do alone. I love moroni’s dying testimony in Moroni Chapter ten, vs 32-33. He saw our day, he knew us, and what were his dying words. Come unto grace, and if you come unto christ and are perfected in Christ then is his grace sufficient for you. In vs 30 he talks about laying hold upon every good gift, those gifts are the gifts the spirit. who are resserved for the saints of god. These gifts endow us, those who have the gift of the holy ghost, with god like attributes that we can not obtain alone! It is the vehicle that takes us to godhood. Be worthy of the spirit, i promise you will be the happiest person alive. Love yall

Love Elder B.COrbin


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