Week #22 – Rely completely upon the Savior


Talking with Brenan on Christmas Day!

Hey Mom so Life is fantastic, the mission is an absolute blast. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to go! Martin Luther King day was super fun, it was kind of crazy because everyone down here is black, so everyone was loving it. I had a great p-day. I love this church, i love Jesus Christ, it truly is a huge blessing. The other Day while we were tracting we ran into one of our new investigators, Jay Johnson. He grew up Episcopalian. As he grew older he slowly stopped praying, and he came to the conclusion that the Bible is good, but he thinks they are just good moral stories. He told us that he is now an Agnostic, bcus he is scared of the word Atheist. So we went through the whole book of Mormon, and he liked it. THen he asked us, do i have to pray? Can i just read the Book of Mormon, and just not pray at the end and know that it is true. Then we explained to him that the only way to gain spiritual knowledge it pray, especially to when it comes to such a sacred thing as the Holy Ghost. Then he told that he would be just faking it, if he prayed, he said that he would just be doing just because. So I explained to him under the direction of the spirit (it was super strong) that God wants us to pray to him, but, he also wants us to prove to him that we have a desire for an answer, I told him that some blessings of Life are conditional upon us asking for them through prayer. Then I told him that if you don’t pray that shows God and us, that you simply do not have the desire to know. Then i gently turned to alma 32:27, and I read it aloud, and right after i finished he reached over and pointed at the scripture and said “I CAN DO THAT!” and i said I know you can. Will you pray to know if it true and he said yes, I will read and pray, so we are going to meet with him this week, we have his number! Then on Sunday, we had our investigator frank at Church. WE met with him after the third hour and we had a great lesson with him. He has been investigating the church for like 8 months. He is dating a member, but he is struggling with dipping (tabacco). So we were talking with him and he said, that he wanted to move his baptism date back again, because he said that he wanted to read the entire book of mormon before he is baptized, and I said okay. Then we talked about how he has improved from 6 cans of tabacco a week to 1. Then i try to commit him to stop buying tabacco and he said i will TRY. then i said from the depth of my soul. “Frank, (pause), once you get on your knees and pray to Heavenly Father and Say, Heavenly Father I can not do it alone, I NEED YOUR HELP, I cannot do it alone, i beg of you help me. and then you trust him, trust him, and realize at the same time that you rely completely upon the Savior and his atonement to overcome this, is when you will succeed. THe spirit was so strong everyone was absolutely silent, then i said Frank I know you know this church is true, I know you know and have felt the spirit that has been here, I know it. WE love you, The lord loves you, I promise you frank that as you do this, and as you pray always and read the book of mormon, the lord will help you stay clean. THen I asked him, So Frank, Will you promise and commit to us that you will not buy anymore tabacco? And with red teary eyes in both of us, he said. Yes. Yes i will. then i closed with a prayer and then I got up and gave him a big hug and said Frank you can do it man! I know you can! I love my savior, He is my king, on earth and in heaven he came to reign, the blessed words he speaks to all of us, Ye shall obtain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise all of you that as we trust in Heavenly Father, and as we lean not unto our own understanding, proverbs 3:5, we will be comforted, our hearts will change, and we shall obtain. I love all of you, i truly do. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love Elder B. Corbin

Studies, Finished Luke, started acts, Pmg Plan of salvation. Book of Mormon,pg 15-38. Love you all!


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