Week #21- The Savior is merciful and Just


Thanks mom it is good to here from you all!! Yeah we try to help the members because it is hard to get contacts but the work is good. I love this work it is so awesome, so my comps bike got stolen luckily my bike had a good lock yeee budddy! So that was a bummer, but he fasted then the bike shop next to where we live, called The Bike Source, gave Elder Garrison a free bike, that works and everything, it is old and will need some tlc, but it works, what a blessing. Fasting works, i promise you. I dont have to much time, but I love and miss you all. I know that the savior is merciful and just, the perfect judge. Ill try to get some pictures and write more next week. I would love to hear from you all. Have a great week, and dominate!

Love Elder B. Corbin

Studies. Chapter 23,24 in Infinite Atonement, Chapter 5 jesus the christ Luke Ch11-20


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