Week #19-20 Christmas Skype 2014- We Talk of Christ


We got to skype with Elder Corbin. It was good to see him and feel his spirit! He’s doing great and loves the work! I can tell he is so happy serving. Great Christmas present for Me!

This weeks letter- 1/5/15

Thanks mom it was soo good to see yall. Everything is going good, we played football in the rain and it was super muddy. It was on of the best experiences i have ever had playing football. Playing in the rain, cold and muddy, super fun! This last week, has been crazy, it was raining intensely, super cold, this next week is gonna be like 20 degrees, super cold with the humidity. It good to get back to normal and get rolling again, being a missionary during Christmas was super fun. I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve, it is the only way to go, brings happiness, knowing i am supposed to be serving out here in Monroe, La. I love the Lord, he has done so much for me, I know that this church is true, We talk of christ, we preach of christ, that our children may know to what source they can look for a remission of there sins. Jesus Christ is the only name under heaven whereby we can be saved. I love pmg, it makes you so smart, christlike attributes is my favorite chapter. Humility is a great one something that we all struggle with. I love the opportunity to change and grow, can you imagine it , not being able to change or grow, what a sad situation that would be. I am so thankful for the chance to bless peoples lives by serving them, even if it is just by planting seeds of the gospel, and softening hearts. The lord is trying to teach me something. Gratitude, is my favorite attribute, its not in pmg, but I believe that Gratitude is the parent to all other virtues, those who are thankful for what they have, and the opportunities that have been given them are so much more happy, than those who are constantly looking at what they dont have. We all have things that we can be thankful for. When we are thankful for things, and we are around those who are thankful, that spark of happiness rubs off on others, be thankful for things that you have people will loving being around you, they will see the christlike attribute within you. How much better of a missionary I would be if I was Christ? Jesus Christ was the best missionary, imagine if we could exemplify him, how much better the work would be, happier too. I know that to be true, I hope all have a good week!

Love Elder b. corbin

Studies, Book of Mormon, pg. 1-20 Pmg, Effective Study. Jesus The Christ, chapter 30, infinite atonement freedom chapter. thats all i can remember for now.
love yall!


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