Week #16- I Truly know…Christ lives!

DSC_0405EVERYTHING IS GOING GOOOD WOOOOO CHURCH IS TRUE THERE IS NO REASON TO BE SAD< CHURCH IS ALWAYS TRUE AND JESUS CHRIST LIVES! WOO fired up! and ready to roll out. We are going to the Dabbs at 230 on thanksgiving and then for dinner that night we are going to the Clarks our old ward mission leader. Then that morning we are going to a turkey bowl, soo fun dominate football. I love the church and the mission. I am so thankful for all the things the have been given to me. I cannot express in words, some of the feelings I have felt of Jesus Christ’s deep love and compassion for me. I know that he truly lives. I know these things for myself now. This is not just something to say for fun. I truly know that Jesus Christ lives, and that his church has been restored. I truly now through some experiences that are small and some that are big, but i know it. I wish that everyone in the world could truly feel the love that there Savior has for them. What a better place the world would be if we truly acted out in faith, towards the Savior and followed him how great would be your joy! I want everyone to know, who ever is reading this, that God is real, that Great spirit who is Our Heavenly Father, loves you, with a perfect love, and there is nothing you can do that will change that. You can not rationalize out of existence the law of gravity and expect to fly when you jump off a cliff it does not work like that. God and Jesus Christ absolutely are, and they love you, they know everything. So listen to them, they want to take you by the hand and guide you through the darkness, to there arms of love, love that never ends, a happiness that is a “everlasting burning” no words of mortal men can describe the feelings you can get by following the savior and knowing that you are doing what he wants you to do. It is the pure love of celestial beings, of whose glory, we cannot even begin to understand. I want you all to know that I care for you, I might not even know some of you very well or maybe I know you very well, but I want you to know that when I look at you, I see you clothed in a perfect white robe, with a countenance of lightning. I want you to know that you can look past the imperfections of this life, and see who you truly are a wonderful daughter, or son of God. Love, peace, joy, happiness, that is what life is all about, so appreciate the things you have, because everything you have was given to you. The more you appreciate the more you can love. I testify that the Savior lives, I know it more than i know that 2+3 is 5. I have felt the Atonement in my life, I have experienced his love. So trust in him and move forward, that is the joy of this life. No matter what your circumstances may be, you can know for yourself that the savior lives, but you have to pray, and fast, show that you care, and want to be happy. I cannot understand and you cannot understand the Happiness that comes from living the gospel. It is more powerful than any trash that the world has to offer. Charity, Humility, Diligence, Virtue, Faith, Mercy, are the things that bring that love, remember, the harder life gets the more love you can feel of the Savior, in good times and in bad. There are alot of voices in the world, trying to pull you in different ways. Listen to that still small voice, it will lead you to peace and happiness, I promise you with my life.

Love Elder B. Corbin

Ps. Church is so true I cant even believe how freaking true it is. I love you all. Have a great thanksgiving, remember, the Savior died for you, and me. I have a new comp who is chill, Elder Garrison. He is from Idaho, Weiser. He is smart, legit guy, this transfer is gonna be fun. Love you all!!!!!


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