Week #15- Just Go Hard

Hey yeah the Church is true wooooo get fired up wooo!!!!!!!!!!! We can actually live forever in the presence of God, wow blows my mind every time i think about the gospel it is the ONLy thing that makes us happy! So ELDER ADAMS IS BYE BYE, no more training. Now my new companion is Elder Garrison, he is super chill and relaxed I know I am gonna get along with him easy! Our District just went from tiny to massive, we have 9. Everything is going well, so i probably wont have to buy a jacket because i already bought a twenty dollar lsu pull over jacket then my trainer left me a wind breaker that is black so ill just wear that over it, an i’m super warm and looks pro. Anyways for Christmas i though about the things i want, Since we are getting mini ipads before the year ends i NEED to get a LIFEPROOF CASE so it does not get broken. That would be really nice, so i can keep it in excellent condition. I am leading this area now of Monroe, La. Its not to bad, Its gonna be good, i think i will stay here for a total of 4 transfers, so six months so i would not mind that! Doing what we can, I am going to try to set the record for tracting this next week of 30 hours, 6 hours each day from tuesday-sat. It would be the highest in the mission, just go hard, it’s what the Lord would do, I was able to get my hands on a book called the infinite atonement. i read like 100 pages in one night but then i had to give it back, it was soo good i could not put it down. For thanksgiving and Christmas I think just in members homes and what not probably nothing too crazy. Im glad to hear that everything is going good back home. Church is going good, working hard! Tracting and what not, this transfer is gonna be legit! So stoked to move foward in life and just keep going! The Lord blesses us for diligence and loves it when we listen in faith and obedience. Listen to the spirit and read the scriptures, it keeps you safe from the advisory. THe church truly has been restored, there are 15 million members and 7000 million people on the earth, thats 0.00214 %. Truly that Satan “which decievieth the whole world” fufills that revelation of John. Love you all
Elder B. Corbin



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