Week #13- A Wonderful University

This Twinkie car was just for Dan!!! Loves Twinkies…

IMG_5188 badams 733

Hey mom, its good to hear. I’m glad everything is going well.  I love the care package, the del taco sauce is so good, i have bought some microwavable burritos from Walmart which are a steal, i can get like 3 full meals out of a big bag that is only $3.43 its nice , i miss del taco haha. But its good, Insanity is working, i have noticed a big difference, we do a fit test every two weeks, in the program and my numbers are improving fast. Its good, I have set a new goal, that by the beginning of summer of next year I want to be able to dunk a basketball on a ten foot rim, my hops have gotten a lot better. Its legit, the mission truly is a wonderful university, its more powerful than any other university i know of, “Seek ye first the kingdom of god,.. then shall these things be added unto you”. I know that to be true, that if we seek first God, and knowledge of him, he will bless us in all things that we do. We must realize our dependence on the savior and the inadequacies that we all have, the power of the atonement not only forgives sins, but gives us the strength to overcome trials, that we ourselves could never overcome unless we call upon the Savior and put faith in him. Divine Potential, we must realize who we are, and not forget it. If we truly understood who we are, and who we can become, we would do everything we could until we were absolutely exhausted, and then fight like “lions” for our eternity. We are all enlisted, we must study the scriptures daily, to realize our divine potential, and not forget it, it takes daily effort, daily remembrance of the savior and his atonement. We must realize that eternal life is at stake, we must see the battle that is at hand. We must realize that there are things we must do to change for the better of what we are now doing. No matter what we have done, we can leave behind any transgression, it is the miracle of the Atonement of Christ, but we cannot do it unless we have an active commitment to the church. In Mosiah, the Lord called Abinidai to preach his word to King Noah who did everything contrary to that of the gospel, and he did with the power and authority of god. The lord even delivered him out of the hands of the evil priests who tried to lay there hands upon him. He fulfilled the word of the lord, and until he fulfilled the commandment the lord gave him, God did not and would not suffer his death until after he had accomplished the thing which he hath commanded him. The lord will deliver us out of hard times, trials, and hardships, but we must be as job “having a perfect faith in Christ” meaning that we will face these hardships, but we must not forget who we are. And if you have fallen short, made a mistake, you can be forgiven. soften your heart to the possibilities, and change yourselves for the better. Jesus Christ knows who you are and he will help you, if you call upon him steadfastly, and continually. Take advantage of the scriptures. I love you all , and miss you.
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Ps. On thanksgiving, idk exactly what we are aloud to do, but Halloween, was fun we played some settlers, and some board games. Transfer day is coming up soon, in two weeks. I might stay in monroe, i think i will but idk. The del taco sauce was great and the steak strips, everything was good. Love you mom and dad.

Stay schemin,
Love Elder B. Corbin


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