Week #12 – Christ lives!

Hey mom so i sent a bunch of pictures to your email both gmail and hotmail.com anyways this week went by fast things are going good. I’m so glad I am on a mission, it is so fun and hard, I am so thankful for the atonement of christ! It is true. Christ lives! We must seek him and come unto him. Have the faith to fast and pray, to know if he is true, and after the trial of our faith we can receive a stronger witness. Christ is a god, he has infinite power, and is divine in every virtue with infinite strength, Christ, has power because he is perfectly righteous. Righteousness is power. He loves everyone with a perfect love, he suffered that we might choose to live righteously and if we do be happy and perfected. Christ commanded us to be “perfect” , he means it. The gospel is about perfecting the saints of god. Meaning that if we follow him repent and become perfect in some things through faith, that the mercy of the Atonement of Christ will exalt us at the last day. There are so many blessings of exaltation. We can become like Heavenly Father and have all that he has, and we will live with Jesus Christ, and experience those same blessings. I’ll keep it short today, but the main point is that we need to realize our divine potential, and not forget, our choices will and can be so much better, but we must always remember Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice trusting in him to deliver us from temptation. That is the only way to happiness, through humility, diligence, and virtue. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love Elder B. Corbin

P.s Stay scheming!

Cleaning up debris!

badams 740


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