Week #8/9- We need a Rutter

Alright mom, so i don’t have to much time today and tomorrow is our actual p-day so i will be able to talk more about my week tomorrow and email you.

Conference was great, i loved it a lot different as a missionary i actually took notes for all the talks and learned a lot, one of my favorites was Lord, Is it I? by Elder Uchtdorf and my other favorite was Jorg Klabingat or something of the seventy, i also really like Elder Bednars talk at the very end where he was talking directly to the investigators, that was good, and i also like all of them !!! HAHA Thomas S Monsons about the bismark and how we need a rutter was really good too. Conference is awesome, i wish i would have listened when i was home, i just simply did not understand how important living the gospel was, and being spiritually fed and physically fed, both parts are of the soul, not just physical. But those four talks were my favorites even tho there are so many more! It is cooling off, its getting nice, outside almost like back home, maybe a little colder, but some days i like the weather a lot.
It’s not too bad. All is well and send me any more questions for tomorrow cus tomorrow is actually p-day, alright mother love you all and hope you all have a great week!

Love Elder B. Corbin

Email 2-
Oh and that guy did not get baptized yet, but he is progressing with a date his name is FRANK and he is going to get baptized. he is just taking it really seriously which is good, so that he can get his divorce papers done they have been dragging on for 2 years. So once he finishes those he will get baptized, he has stopped dipping(tabbacco) from 7 cans a week, to 1 can a week, so he has been working really hard to overcome his addiction! Now Bro. Brady, who my companionship ran into we had to give them to the zls cus they took half our area because the President did not like how huge our bike area was.

Love you All hope i answered all the questions

Love Elder B. Corbin

Ps. Stay Schemin

P-day email #3-Hey mom so everything went well this week! Im having a great time, ill have to write a detailed letter next week, because i had my email deleted on accident and it was really long so i’m bummed because i really don’t want to write another letter that is super long so ill keep it short. Danny Scaife, Who is Elder Scaife who is a zone leader, he is super chill and i’m bummed that he left. But other than that our district is still the same, and all is well, have another great week in paradise and i hope all goes well, ill send a letter sometime this week, love you all!

Love Elder B. Corbin



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