Week #7 – The Mission is Awesome


Awesome Mother, sounds like everything is starting to roll at home. Wow, the weeks are going by fast, weird, the days are slow while in them, but when I start to write in my journal entry every night, its like dang, where did the time go? Haha. But things are great, my companion/trainer is alright! He is from Utah, like all the Utah kids that I have met before,  nice. Good companion. I’m learning a lot from the Mission. It is a lot more fun than I thought. We get tons of work done, but we can have fun and loosen up too. People treat us different down here, especially when we have our badges on. People put up a wall and are afraid to let the spirit work within them. They are even afraid to learn more, people are scared of being converted. If people could just take 20 minutes to see what we are about and that we are normal. It would make a huge difference. Part of the problem is that Preachers tell there different congregations not to listen to the Mormons at all, and if they do they will go to hell.  In the Jehovah Witness church if they except anything from the Mormons they get ex-communicated. Nuts, people are ridiculous. The world deffintly needs the gospel. Anyways, i shared with some youth kids, some of the bands i used to listen to back home and they fell in love with them, I-ration, Rebulation, Kolohe Kai, Spawnbreezie, Jboog, The Green, and they all fell in love with it. They were like what the heck why have i never heard this before? hahAHA i told them its the Cali life, OC babay! lol but yeah the mission is awesome. We have a couple investigators ill you guys know if anythings happens concerning baptisms. My purpose i have realized has been more resolved meaning that I understand now why i’m out here more than ever. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the ONLY church on the face of the PLANET that can open up the gates of the CELESTIAL kingdom. I am serving a mission to find the Lords elect, those that have a contrite spirit, are humble, and are searching for the truth. Only someone that is truly searching, not just oh okay ill listen to you, but someone who is truly trying, giving it all they got, then the lord will bless them with his spirit and testify to there soul the truth. If it was easy to get a testimony of the church, the time we have on earth would be USELESS. Why? Because we have to exercise faith. FAITH, FAITH, FAITH. Faith is the key! Search diligently and ye shall find. We are join heirs if we can do that. Romans 8:16. I love you all and i can write to write you guys next week. Have a great week remember, that YOU are loved no matter what your circumstances, the LORD OUR GOD LOVES YOU AS MUCH AS THE SAVIOR, every soul is great in the sight of God. When Joseph Smith was in jail, he rebuked the jail keepers “SILENCE—Ye fiends of the infernal pit.  In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you, and command you to be still; I will not live another minute, and hear such language.  Cease such talk, or you or I die THIS MINUTE.” and then Parley P. Pratt stated that he said, right after that, that every soul is of great worth in the sight of God. Brothers and Sisters church is true.

Love you All-

Elder B. Corbin

Ps. stay schemin


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