Week #4- Satanic bugs, seriously Millions

IMG_4723Pic at the airport I sent Brenan for his photo album he is referring too in this letter.

Mom so this week went by fast, wow time is starting to pick up crazy! i got my lock, and the package was great!!! i cried looking at all the photos of all of you, i love you all so much and i’m thankful for your examples!!!! I got the card for tb thanks mom, i’m glad i got Bake’s old wallet its legit! ill keep it and the coin with me always, i got a couple more bug bites, stupid satan bugs, there are so many of them, every bug, we have no idea what these stupid little bugs are there are seriously millions of different kinds and they’re all satanic, i hate them , ahhahah but anyways monroe is great! it’s the biggest biking area in the mission.  The people down here are hard headed, but you will get occasionally the nice southern hospitality. Most people thank us for spreading the word of our LORD Savior JESUS Christ, hallelujah, praise  him Lord and Savior, oh yeah i know him Lord and Savior, it is funny sometimes! i try not to laugh but its 50% nice 50% mean. Everyone needs the gospel, i can’t imagine living without it. The knowledge that we have brings so much peace and understanding about who we are and where we are from, why we are here, and where are we going? Most people don/t understand these things, and don/t really care to learn or hear about it ’cause they don’t know what they are missing. The everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored, and all of the blessing there of are available if we choose to follow him and be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority of  God, enter into the temple, and are married and sealed to a partner. But without that authority and those ordinances it just doesn’t allow us to walk past the angels who stand as sentinels. I’m so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life, for wishing me a happy birthday! I hope that all of you have a fantastic week, and that all goes well, i’m so thankful for my family, mom, dad and everyone for setting such a wonderful example and loving environment for me to learn and grow in. This is my last year as a teenager weird, where did time go! I’m glad you are finally moved in to the new house. it finally got done, realize that you live in absolute paradise, i never knew how blessed we were to live there. i truly understand that now, everyone know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true, and that it will continue to move on with or with out you. May you live the gospel, to always be ready to stand in holy places worthily, to partake of the blessings that unfold from on high, and he will “open … the windows of heaven, and pour … out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it” (Malachi 3:10). Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! I love and miss you all but there is no greater work than that of the Lords. Mom did u get my letter with the usb card in it, it should be arriving soon at Poinsettia. Anyways, i love you all and hope things go well this week, Stay true to the gospel and the Lord will always be there for you, pains and trials are a  small moment, D&C 121;7-8. Have fun in Big Bear, i wish i could be there, i used to love the Pirate Ship and the sled things those are so fun! Have a great time! Always remember the Lord, and look at people with an eternal perspective, what great happiness comes from that!!!! WE can live forever in happiness with the Lord, so awesome, i’m so thankful for all of you and the gospel, it just brings so much happiness, pray to Heavenly father and truly thank him and Jesus Christ our older brother for all they have done for it is truly great. It is a marvelous work and a wonder. Love you all

Love Elder B. Corbin

Ps. Stay Schemin

     quick second email-

       ps i just at lunch ate taco bell for my birthday it was so freaking good, best food i have had since being on the mission, it was amazing taco bell never tasted so good!! anyways i love you and i’m having a great birthday!

Another photo in his pocket album-



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