So I’m trapped in the Library


President and Sister McDonough

So we were gonna leave but we can because it’s raining crazy down here right now and we can’t bike in the rain so we are trapped in the library haha!

Let me know when u sent the package and when u sent insanity so i know that u sent it and that i can expect them. The mission is hard and it’s a good thing because i’m learning a lot, i’m thankful that i have the opportunity to serve the lord, i know he will bless us. I believe that he is making my mind smarter, as i memorize a scripture each day i can tell the difference, the church is true, my mind is being enlightened, we only use like what is it 10% of our brains as we excersise faith in the lord and study hard and memorize scripture, i bet he allows us to use more fully our brains, and allows us to gain a photo graphic memory if we do what he asks, which is to memorize a scripture everysingle day for a year. anyways i love you all and miss you and i can’t wait to see you all again, tell you how much i really love you and aspire to be like each one of you, all my family and friends have such great qualities and unique abilities about them, i love you all and miss you more than you know, continue to email me every week and write me if u want. i have not recieved any hand written letters but that’s okay becuase i know how busy everyone is, but if u are ever having a bad day, sit down and pray to lord, write me a letter i would love to talk to you and hear about you and your day, there is nothing more important than the relationships we have with those around us, for knowledge and relationships are the only thing we will take with us into the next life. I love you all and i know that the lord loves you more, and that he is always there, remember that “this too shall pass” 😉 aubs, so just “keep your head up yeaahh” (dads favorite song by andy grammer) What an absolute firecracker (riley) “Just call it a day elder” @ tucker corbin, i miss all of you and i hope your week goes great, remember the lord in all that you do and don’t be quick to iniquity, remember the sacrement prayer. And dont scress, which is stress because in the south tr is cr don’t run down the scrate, and quit scressin, haha anyways loves and keep it on going, life continues.


Elder B. Corbin


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