Week #3- Day at a time

Sooo a lot of things happened this week, it rained for a whole day on sat, so it was a ggpd. which was nice (godgivenpday haha) and since we are on bikes we cant go outside because first people won’t let you in there house if you are soaking wet and then all their stuff will get drenched. Thanks for getting insanity for me, its allowed in the mission, we are allowed to go to bed at 9:15 at night depending on how much planning and prep for bed we have to do, the mission president encourages us to not waste anytime getting to bed as long as we are getting everything done, and we are aloud to get up early and work out. Everyday is like a battery charge he says, we must not use too much energy because then we won’t have any energy for the rest of the day. So yah, i won’t go to hard on the insanity but i do need it so thanks for getting that. Im still trying to figure out how i can get these videos off my camera and sent to you, the library does not have a computer that allows you to put anything in it, so i probably have to do it at the church. So you sent a package today for my birthday, thanks mom!!! That will be great ill look for it everyday, you said that you will send insanity separate so ill look for that too. Anyways, we had interviews with the mission president today and he is so cool and nice, he is one of the nicest person i have ever met. He gets everyone feeling calm and collected every time we meet with him. Day at a time he always says. Mom, i miss your cooking. i didn’t realize how good all the food we ate was, some of the people that give us food are alright cooks but dang i miss that. Anyways food doesn’t taste that good in general so haha jk. We went to this place today called Canes. it’s really good, they have some really good fried chicken fingers. Its tradition to go to a place like that after a District meeting. It rains a lot here and the thunder storms are loud and they’re often. It’s crazy how different it is from back home. I’m still memorizing a scripture every single day. I can tell the lord is enlightening my mind to be able to perceive and remember things easier. It’s definitely a testimony of being in the service of the Lord. Heavenly Father is so awesome and loving, if you think about it heavenly father loves us and he gave his only son who was PERFECT. Who sacrificed and felt all the pains of the world that hopefully a fraction of them would follow him. Talk about love, can you imagine having to even try to go through a part of what the Savior did? Amazing. As missionaries we try to develop Christlike attributes that we may be more guided by the Spirit, and be more of an example to our investigators. And Christ is perfect, if you look at his life he did everything for others. every act he preformed was for someone else. when he fasted for forty days and forty nights, he was tempted by the advisary. And if you remember he was tempted to make stones into food, now the real temptation of the advisary was not to eat food, because the lord can bear the pains of hunger and thirst but the real temptation was to use the power of the lord to fulfill an act of selfishness. If Jesus would have made those stones into food it would have shown that he was thinking of himself and not others. Christ always turns outwards when we would want to to turn inwards. When christ came out of the garden of Gethsemane, he had asked the apostle to stay awake with him. They didn’t, then when he was done with part of the worst suffering that you could possibly feel, he was betrayed by an apostle. What was the first act Christ did after that? He HEALED THE guards ear!!!!! If i was the Savior i would have been so mad with the apostles and at the world, amazing the Lord turns outwards when we would turn inward. We must learn to develop this Christlike attribute. In Monroe. it is a difficult area. We have one investigator, most places have like 3 or 4. Monroe people, like most people of this world, think that they don’t need the gospel. WHAT could possibly be of more worth than salvation? What could be of more worth in life than happiness? What could be of more worth than family? What can be of more worth than peace? We sin and make mistakes for what money? Power? Pleasure? Why are we so stupid? Why do we constantly fall short of the Lords example? Why do we create pain and sorrow for ourselves? Why do we lack faith when all things denote that their is a god? Why do we believe in the science and fictions of men when the scriptures are laid before us? Why do we strive to fufill our own desires of selfishness? Why do we not seek to allows keep the commandments of god? Why do we choose to make mistakes even tho we have our own testimonies of truth? Because we are all embryos of our Father in heaven, learning and growing to become better, even though more than half of the world believes that we blew up from an atom that we can’t even see, and now we are here talking to each other, yeah that makes so much sense haha, (and how we used to believe that the earth was the center of the Universe.) Alma Chapter 32 is a great chapter. i encourage you to read it. The point is that we are all weak, but Christ can make us strong if we choose to follow him. As missionaries we must invite those to build faith in Christ and to help them have the desire to believe, the desire to change. To all that are reading this letter of me ranting on… I want you to ponder in your hearts what you really want in life and really picture in your minds what that is, and think about where you came from, why you are here, and where you are going. And if you don’t believe in the church and you believe that i am an idiot, then let me ask you this. What happiness comes from the things of the world? Let me tell you that nothing on the earth will bring more happiness to you than the gospel, in 100 years time, guess what? you will be dead, then what chiefy? we just die? What is the point of life, for you i guess there is none, for you i guess you think that life is just a giant party, and if that brings peace to you, which it doesn’t. You always feel sad, and miserable, what a sad program that is. If you think that there might be a chance that the scriptures are something of importance or, that they are a record of OUR ancestors, that lived on the earth, you should act on that and find out and be rescued by Jesus Christ from the endless pit of woe. I thinks it’s funny people forget that it is 2014. And what i mean by that is, the fact that we tell time by 2014 years after Christ is hilarious. WE TELL TIME BY HOW MANY YEARS IT HAS BEEN SINCE CHRIST WAS ON THE EARTH!!!!!! HOW MORE OBVIOUS CAN IT GET THAN THAT< DID WE JUST MAKE UP 2014 or somethings idk, there are so many little things that denote that the church is true! it is amazing, and the fact that we only have 16 million members amazes me, i mean i guess it doesn’t because 1/3 of the world decided to follow Lucifer right out of the gate, so i guess it’s to be expected. Anyways get on your knees and pray to thank Heavenly Father for the knowledge and testimony that you have of the Book of Mormon, and ask for a chance to share that knowledge with someone who is looking for it. If you don’t have that knowledge, read the book of mormon and pray about it to know if it is true. the Lord will answer your prayer. We have a modern day prophet who receives revelation for the whole world. The battle between sin and righteousness is real. I testify that as you desire to do the right things in your life the Lord will grant the desires of your heart, Matthew 16:19 states, “And i will give unto you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven”. What you do on this earth will be restored unto you in heaven. It is so important for us to take advantage of the life we have to serve the lord, and to show to him that we truly love him, and that we have faith in him, that is what life is all about, there is qoute i forget how it goes but i think it goes something like this, D&C 121 vs 7-8, “your afflictions will be a small moment, and if you endure it well he will exalt you on high”.  I testify that the church is true, that any other way other than the church is foolishness. There is no other church on the face of the planet that is correct, every other church, is apart of the great abominable church that the lord speaks of. Does not mean the people are bad but that they don’t know where to find the truth and i testify that this is the true church and the book of mormon is the most correct book of any book. I say this in the name of jesus christ amen.


Elder B. Corbin


 Brenan is pointing to Monroe. The colors are the different zones in the Mississippi Jackson Mission.


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