Week #2- 21 New Missionaries


So yeah i got my bike. I didn’t get a lock tho>? I have a helmet did u buy a lock for me>? And im going to buy insanity the work out program at Walmart, our mission president encourages us to work out and get in good shape, he wants everyone to be in really good shape to bring forth the work. The mission home and the mission president and his wife are amazing. They are so loving and kind they have like 26 grandkids its cool. So the first day in the field is today, and yesterday i was able to participate in a lesson on chastity with Frank who is our real!!!!! progressing investigator and he will be getting baptized on sept 27. What my trainer told me was that everyone has a problem with dipping in the south… which is tobacco, they love it for some reason, i told frank everything that you and dad and blake have taught and i told him that it wasn’t going to be easy but if he does everything that he can he can accomplish this. Dipping is what everyone does, when ever and where ever they want its sad. OH and everyone here is a mozy, they just walk right out into the street and make cars dodge them its insane, people here just absolutely amazing, and my companion told me that everyone just reads the new testament and don’t even look at the old testament, its so funny!!!!! Elder Adams is good he is from Utah and his last companion was apostate just a piece of work, so im getting him back into the swing of things but he is glad that we are able to get things going again, he is a great missionary. So yeah today or tomorrow im going to Walmart again to buy somethings, i went to Walmart yesterday and bought some food for a few days, then i bought some bedding and some sheets, then i bought some lights for my bike and a small backpack, in our mission we are aloud backpacks because it is a biking area and mission. So what im going to buy is insanity work out program, a water bottle container, and maybe a few other things that i cant think about right now until i get there, so yesterday i emailed from the church which is at 909 north 18th street Monroe Louisiana if u want to kind of see where im situated and how the area of my mission looks i know dad loves to go on google earth and check things out, i live int he apartment homes behind the brookeshires you know the address. MONROE crazy right the lord knows, it isn’t where duck dynasty is there on the other side of the river Ouachita, that splits Monroe and west Monroe, but my comp says we can go to there warehouse and check it out ill get pictures if we go. But it still is really close, the lord knows the desires of our hearts… side note get riley and tucker and chads email for me so i can email them, i want to hear from them, emailing is like a great thing on the mission haha, oh and just listened to the voice memos on the ipod that was really nice thanks everyone. DUCK COMMANDER is a big thing down here, duck dynasty are like apostles, for some people, i personally think my mind has changed about them because they have there own church and someone said that they have met with the missionaries once before, so if they claim to be followers of christ lets see if they really are,. But yeh the city of Monroe is pretty big and we have not done too much biking yet but i know we will, we are going tracking today and it will be great. Elder Adams is going to baptize the Frank guy, it will be his first baptism. People love jesus oh lord the jesus he’s my savior…. people are absolutely aaaaaaaamaaaaaaazing… the people down here surprise me everyday. its seriously ridiculousness the kind of things people say and do, they think that the book of mormon is a study guide
??????? with… and the people think that some of the old testament is incorrect and is not worth looking at its absolutely hilarious they also have a different church on every corner of the block. One church will be like the life church and the other will be like the red corners or like some sort of made up ridiculousness and people woo work to be done let me tell ya,. and the shower that i have has like no water pressure so its like is the water even hitting me its funny. but the life of the mission is awesome and i’m glad that i have the opportunity to serve. THe zls are awesome the members pay for a gym membership for them and they get to go to a really nice gym. THe bike missionaries like me don’t get as many things but idc its better that way, i feel more like a missionary. There is so much to talk about, im doing the photographic memory challenge, and i am going to do it, ill let you know every week how im doing and im going to train my mind for a photographic memory, how much greater a tool i will be in the lords hand for the rest of my life if i gain a photographic memory, insanely good,,,,,, beast mode naruto sage mode, thats what im saying, i learned the other day that some of the apostles have photographic memories, so yeah a scripture a day for 1 year. memorized today i memorized amos 3;7 which says, Surely the lord god will do nothing, but will revielith his secret unto his servants the prophets. So basically everyday i will memorize and new scripture and then i will review all the previous ones from the previous days. YEH BABy if i become a lawyer after the mission i will dominate if i have a [photographic memory. Alright well thats what im doing getting shredded following the lord, and getting a photographic memory. AND YEHHHHHHHH GET BAPTIZMZSSSSS LOVE YOU ALL AND SEE YA IN TWO GOD SPEED domination station on fiiiiiiiiiiiiireeee baby woooooo fireeeeeeeeeee get dfireeeeeeee fried yp fired up yehehehehehehWOOOOO


Elder B. Corbin


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