FIRST ASSIGNMENT – Monroe, Louisiana Area – DUCK DYNASTY!!!


SOOOOO the Jackson Mississippi Mission is the best mission, sooo many trees here love it. Crickets are everywhere making noise like no other. My new companion /trainer is Elder Adams I have not met him yet but it will be awesome. SOoo many trees did i say that already? anyways its nice and humid, it was 89 degrees the first day and 40% humidity i wonder what it will be like when it is 100%. The mission president and his wife are so awesome and kind. They are some the nicest people i have ever met. I’m so happy to be out here serving the lord. I’m going to find and convert duck dynasty peeps lol, They’re in the ward boundaries next to my ward so there in the West Monroe Ward, but have been seen all the time in Monroe. They have their own church, haha, so it will be hard, people in the mission said that they have been taught the restoration and have book of mormons. But they have there own church (tucker it’s priestcraft hahah). But I’m feeling so good, the south is amazing! the food is good, and slap yo mama cajun spice is money! I put it on pasta the other day and it was bomb digity. I am safe and i made it alright. Did u order my bike?????? I didn’t get one at the mission home??? I got a helmet but no bike??? SO call the mission home and find out where my bike is if u bought it? okay? please, im kind of freaking out cus i thought that i had one waiting for me, other missionaries got theres, and they said that if i had one that they would get it to me, also Monroe is a biking mission. So i need to find out if u got me a bike or not mom and dad. I have the helmet but i don’t know where my bike is so call the mission home or something. Maybe it has not shown up yet but most people got there bikes already. The people in the mission are awesome. I love this place already, its so awesome the people are amazing, the food, and the culture is so awesome, the south is like nothing that i have ever seen before, and Mississippi and Louisiana are completely different from the other south states, its pure bred french born cajuns that are like awesome. The bugs are okay i guess i have not really experienced them yet but there making noise everywhere, its the classic Huckleberry Fin noise that u can imagine, greenery for dayssssssss. come to the south after my mission way better than Venezuela and Brazil haha jk but i know with a shadow of a doubt that this is where im supposed to serve it is awesome. crazy how cool i cant tell how awesome and good i feel right now so awesome!!!!!! so stoked and exited for the next two years to serve. South is so different and in a good way, i love it. All the elders in my district got split up to different places. The mission is fantastic and i’m so glad to begin this journey. The church has been restored today and Joseph Smith is a prophet of god, if anyone that is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints and is reading this know that christs earthly ministry has been restored to this last dispensation. We have a living prophet of the lord that lives and is guided by the lord. If you believe in the bible and believe in Christ then you will believe in the book of mormon. if u get on your knees, read and pray to know of its truthfulness. Alma 32;10. I know that Christ is the Savior of the world, and has atoned for our sins that if we chose to follow him we can be forgiven of those things. Let me ask you this, could a wicked man write such a book i say nay, for you can tell of its goodness, but would a good man be able to write it, i say nay, the only way a good man would be able to write it would be if they were called and commanded of god to write it, Joseph Smith translated the book of mormon from the golden plates barred by Moroni, all those who are true followers of Christ will come to know that it is true, all those who don’t believe or try to believe in the book of Mormon are not followers of Christ, thats just fact, for Christ said himself that, “They draw near to me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me, they teach for doctrines of the commandments of men, having form of godliness, but they deny the power thereof”. Joseph Smith-History 1:19. Its just that simple, i challenge all those who say they follow Christ, read the Book of Mormon I DARE YOU. Let’s see what you got, let’s see if you can be apart of the most important work in the history of the world and of the most importance, and that is the work of God, the Father of things created. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

2nd Email- Mom not to worry. I got my bike, I GOT MY THE BIKE!!
Got my bike mom thanks love you don’t worry about it i got it, love you mom and dad


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