Spirit is So Strong Here – Week #1

 PTDC0006 PTDC0012

Pic #1   Delta leaving Orange County Airport, headed to Salt Lake City…

Pic #2   Elder Towner in the blue tie is Brenan’s companion… 


Dear Fam

Mom WOW! I can not believe how fast time has gone, absolutely amazing. This first week my testimony has grown so much. The spirit is so strong here. Thanks for the dear elders, I love reading them everyday they cheer me up so much!!! i’m getting shredded and i’m going to hit my goal of being able to do 100 pushups in a row. Monday, 8:40am our flight leaves from salt lake city, and we will land in Atlanta, Georgia at around 2:05pm, then a 45 minute delay or so then we are flying to Mississippi around 3:50pm. There are 18 people arriving in the Mission!!! I can call from the Airport in Salt Lake City and in Atlanta i bought a five dollar gift card thing so it will be easier to call you, so either like in the morning or like at noon, I don’t know the time zones yet so haha but ill call your cell. SOOOOO my district is 42-c. and The elders are Elder Pedersen, Elder Anderson, Elder Ah Ching, Elder Towner, Elder Soma, Elder Clapp, and Elder Godwin. Our teachers messed up and gave us the wrong companion of a day so my companion is Elder Towner he is the district leader. All the elders are great and we are getting along fine, one of the elders, Elder Soma who is from Hawaii, and he is going to the Las Vegas West Mission, he was so surprised that I knew all the same artists as him in reggae thanks to my mangs tucker, stephen, ethan, and riley, haah Kolohe Kai, the green, spawnbreezie, jboog, iration, rebulation, he was like what he loves me its so awesome i love all the elders, they call me the life of the district because i am always talking about being on fire with the gospel and just staying on fire, i got everyone going on the fifa anouncing, what is this messi is, oh my messi is meeting with what,? the missionaries are on the field, messi has agreed to be baptized oh my and wait theres more cristianoooo ranaldo wants to be baptized too. oh my goodness the spirit is an absolute firecracker!!!! and wait what is this the stadium is filling up with water, the whole stadium has been baptized, what an absolute miracle the missionaries have done it !.!!! (all that in the fifa voice ahhah so fun) everything is funny missionaries 20,000 satan 0. So to answer Aubs question of is everything funny yes, oh and we learned about the 17 points in the bible about how our church is true and we would always role play and say so, “Mr. Pope can i have 17 minutes of time to absolutely prove to you that your church is wrong” and everyone just starts cracking up its the best love it never laughed so hard in my life. Elder Clapp and Elder Soma And Elder Anderson and Elder Godwin are going to las vegas, everyone else is going to Mississippi i was kind of bummed about that but its where the lord wants them to be,. Sorry i’m typing really fast i cus theres not that much time. keep sending the dear elders i loves them soooooo much ahaha. Amanda HAppy birthday wow so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CHurch is true and when its your birthday u are just one step closer to dieing so CONGRATS nah im jking haahahaha but love u so much love haley and james everyone MASSOOONNNNNNN love u mang. WE did not get to hear an apostle it was the Women President leader Bonnie Overseen or something like that is was a great devotional. Class is so fun and everything here about the mtc is good. Mom dad love you, BLAKE EVERYONE, AUBREEE THANK YOU FOR SENDING ME SO MANY DEAR ELDERS They brighten my day so much you don’t even know haha jk u do but i never thought mail and emailing would be like the best thing ever!!!! anyways i love you all and keep the domination ratio up. I testify to all that Jesus Christ is our savior, that if you read the Book of Mormon with real intent searching and praying to find an answer you will get one, i know that as you pray to know that you will not get a visitation but you will come to know of its goodness, I testify to you that i do not have to defend the book of mormon it stands alone in its testament, Joseph Smith is a real prophet called upon by the lord to restore his church, if you want to know the church is true read the book of mormon it is evidence that the church is true, people ask for signs well here it is the book of mormon, physical evidence that the first vision is true!!!! I love you fam and i testify in the sacred name of our lord and savior jesus christ amen……..!!!!!!!!!

this was real quick but love u byyyee!!!!!


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